Career Outcomes

MSIE students are trained to commercialize ideas and pursue successful career opportunities of entrepreneurship. A third of the capstone projects created by students from the first cohort are already morphing into innovative startups.

Moreover, students are applying lessons gleaned from classes before wrapping up their MSIE: “Elements of all the courses came up in conversations and gave me a distinct competitive advantage,” said Dennis Zaidi, referencing the Elite French Graduate School Entrepreneur Challenge he won in November. Zaidi triumphed due to his pitch promoting Clean Lakes startup, a social entrepreneurship company aimed at removing pollution in Canada’s Great Lakes. “The MSIE courses gave me the specific bodies of knowledge and vocabulary to communicate my idea from the perspective of C-Level decision makers.” Zaidi goes on to enumerate qualities extricated from MSIE courses such as Management of a Growing Enterprise (Sebastian Becker), Social Enterprise (Florian Hoos) and customer-centric marketing (Marc Vanhuele, Frederic Dalsace and Corinne Dauger). “To be honest, there are aspects of every single course that played a role… These techniques are actually rarely properly implemented or utilized in the startup world.”

Alumni Network

The HEC Alumni association support students and graduates of HEC Paris degree programs throughout their careers, by offering them tailor-made services. All alumni from HEC Paris degree programs are rightful members of the Association.

Key figures:

  • Recognized by The Economist the best Alumni network in the world, for its quality, internationalization and efficiency ("Potential to Network" The Economist Ranking)
  • The HEC Paris Alumni network is among the largest in Europe with more than 60,000 Alumni based in 152 countries
  • It was founded in 1883 to develop a powerful and dynamic lifelong connection to the HEC Paris community
  • 1,100 HEC mentors, 2,400 HEC mentees since the start of the programme in 2010
  • More than 1,000 events organised each year throughout France and world-wide, coordinated by nearly 1,200 volunteers.

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Career Services

Successfully fulfilling your professional ambitions to secure jobs related to innovation and entrepreneurship is our primary concern. As you set out to achieve your professional goals, we are here to provide guidance and to connect you with the best opportunities from around the world.

The main objective of HEC Life Project service is to promote a holistic vision of professional development and support HEC graduates as they navigate a wide range of career paths. This is achieved with tailored resources and support, experts selected for you, and a rich and diversified program of events, thanks to the strength and depth of the HEC network.

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