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About the Course

This free online course is one of 10 courses available in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women collection, designed for entrepreneurs ready to take their business to the next level. This course will introduce you to business finance, and show you how to use financial statements to understand and monitor your company’s financial position in order to make key business decisions. The exercises will introduce you to the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Interpreting these statements and calculating key financial ratios such as net profit margin and current ratio will give you a clear understanding of your current business performance. With this information, you will have the skills to assess the financial implications of your growth opportunity more accurately. The 10,000 Women course collection offers a truly flexible online learning experience. You have the freedom to approach the program in any way that works for you – take any course, or combination of courses, to tailor your learning journey to your individual business growth needs. If you choose to take all 10 courses, you will explore all the key elements of your business and develop a thorough plan for your business’s growth. You can find out more about the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women collection in the FAQs....

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Aug 15, 2020

This course has helped me to take note of my spending as well as revenue. Also, how I can analyze my Income Statement and Balance Sheet in order to know what business decisions I can take.


Feb 2, 2023

Thank you for this free offering. I feel much better about the basic numbers on the balance and PL statement. I still need to expand on the ratios, but a great start. Thank you!!

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By ratna k

Jun 7, 2020

this course helped me understand what is an Income statement and understand what is profitability. also how to read a Balance sheet and analyze mt assets and Liabilities.

By Ricardo A V

Apr 10, 2020

an excellent class, about empowering women willing to earn the living on their own by learning accounting in order to properly manage their ventures

By Ebele O

May 28, 2020

Awesome, i have learnt the importance of my financial statements, how to put together my income statement and balance sheet and also how to calculate my profitability ratio, I always knew the importance of proper financial management but did not know how to go about it. i can confidently say i am a semi pro

By Ridhi S

Feb 3, 2022

A very good and informative course for the beginners especially for those who are not from finance background. It can be of great help to those who have little knowledge in Finance and want to start their own business. This course is very crisp and to the point.

By Rafaela S M

May 2, 2020

Very interactive and easy understanding course. It helped me to understand Financial basic terms and concepts that are important to know when running a business. I feel more confident and aware about how to make smart decisions related to my business.

By Rhuelle C

Aug 16, 2020

This course has helped me to take note of my spending as well as revenue. Also, how I can analyze my Income Statement and Balance Sheet in order to know what business decisions I can take.

By Akshata A T

Jul 21, 2020

A very good course for helping you understand the true meaning of your financial statements which helps you take calculated decisions for your business.

By Supriya

May 24, 2020

Very informative

By Lucille S

Aug 31, 2020

This course was simple to follow and easy to understand, Add value to knowledge and provided the ability to better understand how and whether my business was actually making a profit and what the movement on my income statement and balance sheet truly meant. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and to better equip myself to take my business further.

By Ngozi U

Aug 28, 2020

This is definitely a course I appreciated signing onto. Always a continuous development enthusiast! A fresh look at the important aspects of business finance to bring up at board and team meetings, to ensure the organisation is making the right operational and strategic decisions on an ongoing and progressive basis.

By Tonya J M

Apr 24, 2020

The Financial Statements examples for the pre-assessment used an atyptical method of placing columns for Year 2 first and Year 1 second. I believe in the final post-assessment these columns were displayed in a typical fashion. It may prove prudent to maintain consistency.

By Samuel U

May 31, 2020

This course is very well organised to provide an understanding of how to assess the financials of an organisation. Anyone that understands basic communication can learn from this and I think it's also taught in different languages.

By Engela M M

Aug 17, 2020

Fantastic course to understanding financial statements and terms and also ratios that can be used to measure the performance of the business for informed decision making.


Jun 7, 2020

Liked the course. Before starting this course I had no knowledge of finance but now I know plenty of things.

By Nidhi K

May 14, 2020

It's a great place to start with Basics of Finance. They have simplified the content really well !

By Nnanke E

Jun 14, 2020

Easy, instrumental, useful and very very relevant. I am so excited and proud I took this course

By Leanne K

May 22, 2020

Set up very well. I loved the regular check-ins. It helped to highlight key points.

By Ms A O

Apr 29, 2020

Helped to guide my thoughts and understand how to organize our finances better.

By Shirley C

Aug 3, 2020

I love the design of the course. Very efficient and effective!

By Shrine T

May 10, 2020

It feels amazing gaining such knowledgeable information.

By funmi f

May 14, 2020

Indepth and well thought.

I enjoyed every bit of it

By Oluwakemi A

Jun 15, 2020

Very easy to learn and grasp the concepts.


Aug 14, 2020

Easy to understand the subject

By Himanshu G

Jun 14, 2020

Great content really helpful.

By Rita A

Jul 14, 2020

straight to the point