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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Blockchain Business Models by Duke University

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About the Course

Blockchain is an emerging and highly disruptive technology that is poorly understood. In this course you will learn what blockchain is and how it can create value by tokenization in cryptocurrencies and in many other practical applications. The applications include: stablecoins (like Facebook’s Libra and JP Morgan’s JPMCoin), machine to machine payments, identity protection, supply chain management (Walmart, Maersk, IBM), secure voting, distributed exchanges, decentralized finance, property transfers, central bank fiat crypto (e.g., Fedcoin and China’s digital Renminbi), dispensing prescription drugs, private records, intellectual property, financial reporting, and media and advertising, to name a few. The goals of the course are to: (i) provide an advanced understanding of the various blockchain technologies; (ii) determine the specific business situations where blockchain technology can be deployed to solve important problems; (iii) select the specific blockchain technology that has the best chance of success for a particular problem; and (iv) detail the risks presented by this new technology....

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Oct 24, 2021

This course is really a good start to understand basic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Since the course is quite old, after finish this course, I would recommend to study more in other resources.


May 18, 2022

This is a very detailed course for someone enough curious to start the Blockchain path. This content quality is very good and the information is transmited on a very effecient and profecient way.

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By Peter M

Dec 28, 2019

Good content, but many of the quizzes have poorly worded questions. In particular, some of the TRUE/FALSE questions could be interpreted (reasonably) such that either answer is correct in certain states of the world. From the students perspective, this makes the grading seem arbitrary and pointless. This said, the video and slides are very informative.

By Jesse T

Dec 19, 2019

I have taken quite a few blockchain-related courses on Coursera. This one is by far the best in terms of depth, breadth and presentation. Having taken so many courses it becomes rare to come across new information. This course is delivering new information in nearly every video which is filling gaps in my knowledge which I did not know I had. Very pleased with this course. I may even consider the Specialization.

By Srinivasan K

Jan 6, 2020

Great course on Blockchain business models, rich syllabi and great explanation .

By Juan C

Apr 17, 2020

An excellent course if you want to learn in some depth all the aspects of Blockchains, but without the technical details. Professor Harvey is great at explaining and makes you feel like you are in a classroom with him. He is very knowledgeable in this field and provides examples for every topic that he teaches. I had enrolled to various Coursera courses on blockchain technology prior to this one, but they all where either too superficial or too technically involved (in addition, it seemed these instructors were just robotically reading the lectures from a script).

By Olivier

Dec 1, 2022

Very interesting course also for someone who already knows the basics about blockchain.

Really *excellent* professor who keeps you interested from start to finish for all the parts of his course.

One possible way to make this course even more interesting, in my humble opinion, would be to give a bit more attention to private blockchain models that are being implemented by businesses. E.g. in supply chain management. Maybe there was less to report at the time of recording, which I understand was 2019.

Looking forward to any updates of this course!

By Timothy C E H

Apr 4, 2021

When everyone talks about cryptocurrencies and some of them at all-time high, this is an insightful course provides brief introduction and strong foundation on the principle behind those blockchain models.The key element I need to highlight is the instructor of the course. Prof. Campbell Harvey not just an expert in the field and also a very charming teacher. Even it is an online course, I can feel his enthusiasm across my screen.

By Dusko L

Feb 22, 2022

This was a great introduction into Blockchain technology. I tried to get a grip on blockchain before, but this presentation was far better than anything I could find on YouTube, TV, or searching internet. My previous knowledge did give me an easier walk through this course, but nonetheless, this presentation is, at my opinion, the best entry way to understand potential of this technology.

By Diego S C

Mar 14, 2022

After comparing it with other blockchain courses I can say that this one really focuses on explaining what is the blockchain technology, its potential applications and risks associated.

This is a real academic course in the sense that its main objective is to explain blockchain, and it is not trying to sell you any product/investment

The teaching skills of the presenter also deserve praise

By AC l

Aug 6, 2021

Good choice for beginner. Professor Cam Harvey delivered the courses in an easy and fun way, which could help me understand how blockchain and cryptocurrency affecting the society and business. He is very professional, and I highly recommended his courses. Besides, each video was within 10min, a length that you can finish the courses easily.

By Juan J T D

Sep 12, 2021

After a lot a time studing in different places and moments in my life I onlly can say thank you, Mr. Cam Harvey congratulations, you have been able to summarize complex concepts and for me it's been a pleasure to attend the course. Great examples and great contents, again my congratulations.

By ade m

Mar 14, 2023

I thought I understood the details of blockchain in the business space before I took this course. I expected it to be very easy to earn my certification. The tutor proved me wrong as he pushed me to reconsider my original assumptions and gain a true grasp of the subject.

By Ashis G

May 14, 2020

The toughness of this course is the main highlight of its pedigree. Coupled with Mr. Harvey,s delivery, which, is by far one of the most engaging ones I have come across, the intricately designed course contents make this course worth every learner's time.

By Manuel F S P

Jun 3, 2020

Blockchain is a very large topic and with many technical points that are not easy to understand, however Professor Harvey explained everything in a extremely clear way and made easy to understand this important technology.

By Simon H

Jun 29, 2020

I thought that it was a very interesting course covering many complex topics in a simple and very understandable way. It will serve asa great basis from which to further understand the world of blockchain and crypto.

By Gopinath B

Jan 22, 2023

The Prof takes some getting used to ... his comms skills and subject matter knowledge unfolds over time. To the point where - halfway through the course - I was really looking forward to his next module!

By Angel O

Jun 15, 2020

Excellent learning experience to develope an understanding of the advantages and possibilities that Blockchain Technology can offer to address every type of busisiness solution. Absolutely recommendable

By Suwijakh I

Oct 25, 2021

This course is really a good start to understand basic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Since the course is quite old, after finish this course, I would recommend to study more in other resources.

By Ricardo M B J D A

May 19, 2022

This is a very detailed course for someone enough curious to start the Blockchain path. This content quality is very good and the information is transmited on a very effecient and profecient way.

By Carlos G M

Jul 29, 2022

A very well structured course. Clearly, the teacher has made an effort to convey many ideas, some complex, in a friendly and accessible way. It is an excellent introductory course in Blockchain.

By Ken

Jan 31, 2022

Excellent course coverage and content, delivered expertly with a very engaging style. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to understand blockchains, how they work and what they're used for.

By Aldo E J H

Oct 5, 2021

Super interesting course. The professor is incredible at keeping the topic interesting, would recommend this course to all the people either interested in blockchain or also in cryptocurrencies

By Roberto F

May 17, 2021

A perfect way to enter the world of blockchain. Cam is a well-grounded and informed person who can help you navigate through the hype and understand the real value of this technology

By Francisco G

Apr 7, 2020

Cam Harvey is by far one of the clearest and most entertaining teachers I have seen in Coursera. Also, in this course there is a good balance between high and low level information.

By Rene L

May 8, 2020

It was a great introduction into the Technology of Blockchain and how it could help me business. I enjoyed Mr. Harvey's direct comments on Blockchain. Highly recommend the course.

By Jean-Yves D

Dec 1, 2022

If you want an in depth overview of hashing and how the blockchain really works step by step, look no further. I am happy I ran into this, the professor's teaching is top notch.