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(Re)-invent your business model with the Odyssey 3.14 approach, HEC Paris

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About this Course

This course gives you access to Odyssey 3.14 - an original approach developed to help you invent or reinvent a business model. This highly innovative approach has been developed by Laurence Lehmann-Ortega and Hélène Musikas and has been shown to be very effective. It is taught to top executives, entrepreneurs, and HEC students. You will learn about the concept and tools that combine innovation and strategy. Starting with the 3 pillars that make up the core business model, this approach recommends 14 directions to consider in order to invent or reinvent the business model. Whether you are a graduate student, an executive or an entrepreneur, you will learn from examples and from your peers how to challenge your views in order to be innovative and come up with new ideas. Odyssey 3.14 is the result of over ten years of research, consulting and teaching. Over 100 companies that have successfully invented or reinvented their business model have been thoroughly analyzed and will inspire you to develop your own new, innovative business model. At the end of the course, you will be able to : • Define what a business model is and how it relates to other the tools and frameworks in strategy • Understand the 3 components of the business model and how they are linked • Remember the 14 directions in which to explore and imagine a new business model • Understand the Odyssey 3.14 global approach, which means being able to apply this approach to any industry...

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Jan 17, 2017

Superb course with great structure and well designed modules and videos. You end up with a very practical toolbox to think about business models in a very disciplined way.


May 06, 2018

Very good course! the pedagogy is excellent, and the whole way to re-invent a business model is really operational! thanks a lot for the people who prepared this course!

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37 Reviews

By Clifford Gama

May 18, 2019

enjoying every minute of it


Apr 09, 2019

Great content, great teams!

Amazing job!!!

By Koen Hendrickx

Jan 27, 2019

I enjoyed the structural approach to business model innovation. Very usefull!

By saed Elahi

Oct 29, 2018

Extremly Helpfull ,Thankyou

By Stefano Criser

Aug 27, 2018

Very interesting, insightful and well explained.

By Jean-Sébastien Nénon

Jun 20, 2018

I have found this course down-to-earth, didactic, and most of all, usefull when it comes to apply it on any current or prospective businesses

By Lars Axelsen

Jun 09, 2018

This is a great course on business model innovation. The instructors have carefully planned a progression with exercises and tests that reinforce the learning. They provide many examples of the models 3 core components and the 14 directions, all of which they explain in great detail. Highly recommended even if you know about the business model canvas.

By Jesus Alberto Sanchez Pacheco

Jun 05, 2018

Great set of basic tools to improve a business characteristics!

By Guillermo Linares

May 24, 2018

Excellent! Great!

If you are a enterpeneur seaching for new bussines, it is a must!

By Melanie Martel

May 08, 2018

It has been a great learning experience both on a content and pedagogic point of view. The way Laurence Lehman Ortega and Helene Musikas revisit business modeling is very smart, impactfu and user friendly. Their apporach can be easily used jointly with others and seems to me one of the pillar of business modeling. Sumiting a business case is tedious but the best way to learn ! It takes some time and engagement to do it well but the success is really enjoyable !