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About the Course

The mouth is the window into human health. This course provides an overview of dental medicine to engage, educate, excite and assist you in improving the oral health of your patients and members of your community. We will review topics in dental medicine including scope of the field, what to expect in function, and some of the many ways that dysfunction may present for different patients. This will include discussions of mouth, jaw, and tooth anatomy, pathology, and treatment. We will talk about differences between patients and the unique roles that different members of the dental field may play in treatment depending on the patient and condition. This course starts from basic concepts and proceeds to review trends in current research and technology. We offer scientific background, some skills for patient evaluation and interview, and some suggestions for further learning for those interested in or involved in dental education....

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Feb 11, 2017



Jul 03, 2017

As a future dental student, this course taught me the basics and really gave me a broad insight into dentistry. I am very eager to learn everything taught here and more in dental school! Thank you!

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By Mouyad A

Aug 19, 2017

I am going to the Dentist School and I feel like this is a very beneficial course that introduced me perfectly to the dentistry sea.

It's really awesome.

Thank you Pennsylvania university!

By Dharti K C

Oct 30, 2017

The course is very informative and well organized. I am a dentist and got an opportunity to brush up my basics. Thank you to the faculty of UPenn. I will highly recommend this course to the dental students and dentists.

By Nafees U D

Nov 29, 2016

Great overview of issues encompassing the patient assessment and management in the general dental practice underpinned by theoretical basis of health and disease supported by the latest evidence .

By Mehru N K

Jul 14, 2019

This course was of great help. In a short time, it refreshed my 5 years Bachelors in Dental Surgery.

By Saw X H

Mar 22, 2020

Hello, i'M currently a 4th year dental student from Malaysia, and this course is much relevant and able to provide an overall aspect to the dentistry course . Highly recommend to 2nd year dental student before entering their clinical year/ Foundation student who are interested in dentistry ( might be hard for u guys tho ). Hoping for more specialized dental course , ( endo, prostho, ortho ) in near future from your university, please do remind me if there's advanced dental course . Thank you and much appreciated.

By Ieva S

May 14, 2017

Absolutely loved the course. Since I'm thinking about becoming a dental assistant, I wanted to know a little more about dentistry as a whole, and English not being my first language didn't get in the way, as this course is easy to follow, the subtitles and transcripts are extremely helpful, and the material is explained in great detail by amazing professionals. Certainly left me even more passionate about this field, thank you so very much!

By Denise R S

Aug 18, 2016

I enrolled in this course looking for an introduction to supplement my current dental shadowing experience, but there is so much more. I really love the organization of the material. This course is thorough, and the instructors are great! I really wish there was more of an interaction with the instructors, but overall this is an amazing course and I loved it. I recommend all PreDental students to take this course!

By Elizabeth R

Oct 01, 2019

Introduction to Dental Medicine was a well-thought out course which thoroughly exposes a learner to the field of dentistry. It's an excellent course for a student, patient, or professional interested in the interplay of dental health with overall health. The professors are knowledgeable and the material is understandable yet challenges you to really listen and learn. I highly recommend this course!

By Jassel J F R

Apr 22, 2017

Amazing! This is a very well structured introductory class that will give you an accurate idea about the field of oral medicine and dentistry; they even covered advanced stuff like medication related osteonecrosis of the jaws. The intraoral/extraoral examinations were very valuable, insightful and easy to understand, even for a person with no related background. Great Job and thank you so much!

By Ana R R

Dec 09, 2016

This course has provided me with the general basic knowledge I need in order to start an education on Dental Medicine. I highly recommend it for all those who are pursuing any Dental Medicine studies and also everyone who is concerned about their dental health and want to know more about the subject.

By Brita F

Oct 22, 2016

An excellent course that provides you with an overview of and an insight into the various areas of dental medicine. For me as a medical translator it was not only a great learning experience, but also added value to my business. I can only recommend this course to anyone interested in dentistry.

By Maria H M

Dec 29, 2019

Excellent course for a beginner like myself! Sufficiently comprehensive, especially for someone like me who is taking this course for marketing purposes as I work in the dental industry. I highly recommend this as a foundation course for anyone wishing to get a good overview of the practice.

By Blair H

Jun 01, 2017

This course does a great job in providing a fundamental background of Dental Medicine to students at beginner-level. I have learnt valuable knowledge about Dental Health through basic informations taught by the experts. I highly recommend anyone taking this course!

By Juan G C M

Feb 28, 2017

I would like to say I am thankful with Coursera and Pen for give this opportunity to learn essentials about dental medicine, I am a dentistry student and it has been very useful to take this course for strengthen and increase sound fundamental knowledge

By Rosana M L R

Sep 09, 2018

These teachers are geniuses.

They really have to study hard for all those years. I never thought there was so much on the mouth, and so complex what there was.

The course opens our mind, and I believe it makes appreciate more our dentist.

By Maha A

Sep 17, 2019

This course was so helpful , exciting , gave me a total idea about dentistry , specialties and made my studying for dental medicine easier .

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enroll for this course it was great step for me .

By Chinnaya U

Oct 09, 2016

I absolutely loved this course! As someone who plans on going to dental school soon, this course was a great way to get my feet wet on a lot of topics. I definitely learned so much about dentistry that I had no idea about!

By Suzanne M F

Oct 02, 2016

Excellent class but A few spelling mistakes: fluoride/ flouride??

also grammar mistakes: affect/ effect;

is/are. Probably could be more challenging. I'm looking forward to the next class you make. Thanks so much

By Gaaurav G

Feb 11, 2017


By Brandon G

Jul 03, 2017

As a future dental student, this course taught me the basics and really gave me a broad insight into dentistry. I am very eager to learn everything taught here and more in dental school! Thank you!

By Maria A C

Oct 15, 2017

Wonderful course for anyone interested to explore the different specialties in dentistry and also is a great opportunity to increase your background knowledge of what dentistry is really about.

By Ajeet S B

Apr 02, 2020

Thorough knowledge of each and every aspect of dentistry specially how to rule out diagnosis and treatment accordingly.Special focus on orofacial pain and its diagnosis is really appreciable.

By Stacey A B

Jan 28, 2019

Thank you for this course :) it helps in upgrading my schooling as I have a medical office administration diploma and would help in pursing a job in the dentistry field. Amazing Course


Jul 18, 2019

It's an excellent course for beginners and someone who wants an insight into the US educational system. Some critical points are discussed in this course which is generally overlooked

By Syed

Apr 24, 2018

Thank you so much for offering this informative, modern course. The information this course has to offer is invaluable and a great asset to anyone interested in dentistry.