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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset: First Step Towards Success by Michigan State University

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About the Course

This course is the first in a series on starting a business. Though new venture creation is the focus of the specialization, this course is important for everyone.To create a successful business it is not only about what you do (technical execution), it is also about how you think. This course provides learners with insights to re-frame their thinking in order to maximize their chances for success. So what can a learner expect to gain from this course? At the end of this course a learner: 1.) will be able to argue effectively against all of the reasons for not starting their business (or reaching some goal); 2.) will be able to operate effectively within the new framework or model for starting a business (or any new endeavor), thus increasing their chances for success; and 3.) will be able to make the initial business startup decisions of what type of business to start, and what type of business owner to be. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is critical to being successful as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneurial mindset stands alone in terms of its importance. No other attribute, personality, inherent entrepreneurial proclivities, training, or demographic profile is common to all successful entrepreneurs whether Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, or the neighborhood florist or grocer. The course provides learners with an understanding of the attributes and perspectives of an entrepreneurial mindset, and the process to acquire one. We suggest that learners bring an open mind and be willing to thoroughly explore the nascent business ventures they have been carrying with them.The course introduces concepts that enables a person to start a trans-formative process in the way they think generally, and in the way they think about business specifically. This new way of thinking has the potential to positively impact not only them, but their family, and community....

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Aug 16, 2020

This course is very helpful for who want to start a business venture. This course already changed my opinion about starting a business. Thanks to all who crate this type course.

Jul 25, 2020

Well structured and balanced. This has helped me to better understand what is required to not just start a business, but how to use the mindset at work to trial new things.

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By mohit

Jun 20, 2017

Their was problem in communication as the voice is not so clear.

It will be great if you can work on that and along with that content should be more engaging.

By Danilo C

Jul 18, 2018

Not really what I expected but it gave me good insight on things I was doing wrong.

I just wish I had the patience and time to watch the lectures.

By Suryasree R

Jun 12, 2016

Overall it was good. However, the content delivery could have been better.

By Yashu

Jul 8, 2017


By Dashakol

Sep 24, 2017

Slides were not exactly showing what the speaker was saying or relevant to the points he was listing. It seemed like they just wanted to put some slides there just for the sake of doing it. Also repeatedly showing in an on-off way was really distracting specially when they were not relevant.

By Saqib R

Aug 10, 2017

The trainers are rushing through concepts. Not many industry examples to support the concepts. Even the concepts are not convincing enough. Most of the information was very general and obvious. However, the trainer was articulate in speech.

By Yannick

Nov 30, 2016

Hard to follow for non-native speakers. Especially week 2. There are a lot better Courses on Entrepreneurship on Coursera. Especially the Technion ones.

By Antoni B

Nov 23, 2016

content 4, thx!

delivery 2

interaction 0

TOTAL (average) : 2

By Guido P

Jan 5, 2020

I haven't liked the assignments and the white background

By Camilo A G P

Apr 7, 2016

more or less

By Lisa S

Nov 4, 2020

This was a real mess of a course. The format was badly organized, the reading materials and PowerPoints were poorly done, the videos were badly edited... Really, I don’t even know where to start describing how unprofessional it was. It needs MAJOR editing and revision.

The quizzes and assignments were SO BADLY written they were almost incomprehensible, as if they were written in a foreign language and then poorly translated into English. The reading materials had almost no citations, despite the fact that they are apparently created by an accredited academic organization (U of M). The occasional url was thrown in in some of the videos and reading, but those often went to 404 error messages or to embarrassingly amateur personal or small business websites. The materials were woefully out of date and were wildly inaccurate when describing current innovations, business challenges and the economic climate. (For instance, statistics from the 2016 World Economic Summit are interesting historical data, but should not be considered appropriate resource material for 2020. Or even 2019, 18, or 17).

Incongruously, a very big learning challenge comes smack at the beginning of this course. This was an assignment to create three short videos, post them online, and also create a logo or business image, and post it as well. There were absolutely no directions on how to do these things. That’s WAY beyond reasonable expectations for an entry-level student, and far more difficult than anything that followed. It was also FAR beyond the skill level of even the people who created the forms used to do the assignments... they failed to allow the student to cut and paste the URLS of the videos and images that were created.

My last criticism is that many of the “experts” cited in the course are complete cranks or at the very least, not “lean starters.” At the worst they are corrupt and exploitative. Elon Musk and Ms. Rothschild are great examples of all three categories. Many of the students who took this course with me were not native English speakers, and a good number of them are from former colonialist empires. The “out of touch”-ness of this course in general is cringeworthy, but that, to me, was the most egregious inclusion.

Apparently there were mentors for the class but no one replied to my posts in the forum, and I did not see any mentors attempt to answer other students’ questions in the forums. I doubt this will be read by anyone responsible for the course, but I would warn anyone considering this class or series to look elsewhere.

By Caitlyn M

Oct 5, 2020

This is an absolute joke. The "lessons" are people speaking at you; there's absolutely nothing engaging about them and they're horribly edited. The readings are redundant and seriously dumbed down. The fact that all the "projects" are peer reviewed means people can completely not do the assignment and still get 100%, and there is no support from the "instructors." This is definitely a waste of time and money and I will not be continuing with the rest of this course.

By Lauren S

Oct 3, 2020

There are so many people cheating in this specialization, it's a total joke. Very disappointing.

By michela s

May 13, 2018

Googling this would be more beneficial.

By Hafiz A S

Oct 10, 2018

Refund my fee