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This course provides an introduction to: 1. Basic concepts of The Strategies and Skills Learning and Development System (SSLD), their relevance for every day relationships and provide advanced concepts for participants who work in fields of social work and health care . 2. Basic practice principles and methods of SSLD, illustrated by relationship management case studies. 3. The SSLD framework for relationship management assessment; N3C (needs, circumstances, characteristics, capacity) and problem translation. 4. Core competencies in the relationship management application of the SSLD system: Observation learning, simulation, real life implementation, review and monitoring.

100% online course

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.
Beginner Level

Beginner Level


Approx. 26 hours to complete

Suggested: 6 weeks of study, 3-4 hours/week
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Subtitles: English

100% online course

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.
Beginner Level

Beginner Level


Approx. 26 hours to complete

Suggested: 6 weeks of study, 3-4 hours/week
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Subtitles: English

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course


3 hours to complete

Module 1 - Relationships in Our Lives

Introducing the course and the basic concepts of SSLD (Strategies & Skills Learning & Development)....
21 videos (Total 45 min), 7 readings, 8 quizzes
Video21 videos
What is this course about?0m
Relationships Overview0m
1.1 Why do people get involved in relationships?3m
1.2 Intrinsic & Extrinsic Needs2m
1.3 Relationships & Self1m
1.4 Relationship & Wellness0m
What is SSLD?5m
1.5 Introducing N3C0m
1.6 Individualized N3C1m
1.7 N3C: Circumstances4m
1.8 N3C: Characteristics2m
1.9 N3C: Capacity3m
Relationship & N3C2m
Problem Translation2m
1.10 Differences & Biodiversity2m
1.11 Similarities & Differences1m
1.12 Capacity to deal with differences2m
1.13 Managing Differences1m
1.14 Managing Differences: Examples2m
Reading7 readings
Our Dedicated Team2m
Course Readings and Resources2m
Recommended Reading for Module 110m
Needs and Wants10m
Examples of Problem Translation10m
Module 1 Lecture Note10m
Additional Resources for Module 130m
Quiz8 practice exercises
Optional: Demographic Survey8m
Optional: Pre-course quiz regarding learning expectation6m
Why do YOU have relationships?10m
N3C Case Analysis Practice20m
The Controlling Partner: Underlying Needs15m
Your attitude towards differences10m
Differences in Relationships5m
Managing Differences4m


3 hours to complete

Module 2 - Getting Started

SSLD conceptualization of relationship: Addressing participants’ needs as key condition of possibility. This module will discuss the social exchange theory, life-scripts, managing differences, and responsive assertiveness...
20 videos (Total 70 min), 5 readings, 6 quizzes
Video20 videos
2.1 Social Scripts3m
2.2 Social Scripts and Traps2m
2.3 Social Scripts and Traps: Consumerism3m
2.4 Social Scripts: Attachment Theory3m
2.5 SSLD on changing relationship pattern1m
2.6 Natural Imagination4m
2.7 Game Plan & Human Nature2m
2.8 "The One" Myth4m
2.9 How much is up to us?2m
2.10 Mind Reading Fantasy2m
2.11 Spontaneity2m
2.12 Game Plan2m
How to Create a Game Plan for your relationship?12m
Online Dating4m
2.13 Initial Contact 1: First Impression4m
2.14 Initial Contact 2: Body Language1m
2.15 Initial Contact 3: Positive Reframing3m
2.16 Initial Contact 4: Summary3m
Reading5 readings
Introduction to Social Scripts5m
Recommended Reading on Attachment Theory10m
Recommended Reading on Initial Contact10m
Module 2 Lecture Notes10m
Additional Resources for Module 230m
Quiz6 practice exercises
Your Social Scripts and Relationships10m
Strategies on Changing Relationship Pattern10m
Form of Relationships4m
Create a game plan for your first (or next) date!10m
How important are they?12m
Impression management10m


4 hours to complete

Module 3 - Communication

This module covers topics on how to build and manage your relationships through effective communication skills such as listening, understanding, reception, and expression. ...
27 videos (Total 111 min), 3 readings, 10 quizzes
Video27 videos
3.1 The 4 Content Areas2m
3.2 Four Content Areas - How are they useful?3m
3.3 Reception Overview1m
3.4 Reception - Ideas 1: Attitudes3m
3.5 Reception - Ideas 2: Position2m
3.6 Reception - Ideas 3: Opinions4m
3.7 Reception - Emotional Content6m
3.8 Reception - Importance of Understanding Someone's Needs2m
3.9 Reception - Needs6m
3.10 Attributions 1: Introduction3m
3.11 Attributions 2: Multiple Contingencies Thinking3m
3.12 Attributions 3: Needs2m
3.13 Signifying Acts4m
3.14 Signifying Acts and Culture2m
3.15 Cultural Literacy Approach4m
Reception to Expression0m
3.16 Expression: Facts6m
3.17 Expression - Ideas 1: Matching N3C1m
3.18 Expression - Ideas 2: Technical Tips4m
3.19 Expression - Ideas 3: Staying Attuned4m
3.20 Expression - Emotions 1: Experience, Expression and Feedback3m
3.21 Expression - Emotions 2: Regulations3m
3.22 Expression - Emotions 3: Emotional Work2m
3.23 Expression - Needs7m
Emotional work vs. Emotional Regulation18m
Reading3 readings
Recommended Reading for Module 35m
Module 3 Lecture Notes10m
Additional Resources for Module 310m
Quiz9 practice exercises
Identifying the 4 content areas8m
Differentiating Needs & Wants10m
What are their emotions?10m
Needs Assessment through Conversations10m
Listening to Needs4m
Understanding Attributions & Signifying Acts6m
Expressing Facts or Ideas4m
Expressing Emotions6m
Expressing Needs6m


3 hours to complete

Module 4 - Building Relationships that Work for You

This module addresses relationship building based on communication, reception, and expression skills learned in Module 3. Additional topics on relationship problems will also be discussed....
26 videos (Total 93 min), 4 readings, 8 quizzes
Video26 videos
4.1 Social Exchange Theory and Beyond4m
4.2 Value Reconsidered4m
4.3 The 6 Domains of Our Lifeworld5m
4.4 The Issue of Power4m
4.5 Power, Balance and Giving4m
4.6 Compatibility: Needs4m
4.7 Compatibility: Circumstances2m
4.8 Compatibility: Characteristics & Capacity4m
4.9 Compatibility, Differences and Changes3m
4.10 Intimacy3m
4.11 Idea of Intimacy 13m
4.12 Idea of Intimacy 22m
4.13 Fear of Intimacy3m
4.14 Fear of Commitment2m
4.15 Building Intimacy4m
4.16 The Role of Physical Intimacy3m
4.17 Intimacy and Sharing of Personal Difficulties2m
4.18 Physical Intimacy and Presence5m
4.19 SSLD Strategies for Building & Maintaining Relationships5m
4.20 To Grow or Not to Grow?3m
4.21 Growth and Intimacy2m
4.22 Stability or Excitement?3m
4.23 Happenings or Rituals?2m
4.24 Achieving Win-Win Arrangements3m
Reading4 readings
Recommended Reading for Module 410m
Relationship Building Tools10m
Module 4 Lecture Notes10m
Additional Resources for Module 410m
Quiz8 practice exercises
Examining the Social Exchange Perspective6m
What are the 6 domains of our lifeworld?5m
Driving factors of Power in a Relationship10m
Assessing Compatibility10m
Exploring Your Own Idea of Intimacy10m
Enhancing presence online10m
Creating Your Own Happenings and Rituals4m
Valuable Lessons Learned2m


3 hours to complete

Module 5 - Challenges, Endings, and Transformation

Introduction to the concept of Six Domains of Human Life and its application in different parts of a relationship. This module explores the transformation and termination of relationships and their challenges....
21 videos (Total 97 min), 3 readings, 12 quizzes
Video21 videos
5.1 Culture, History, and Technology2m
5.2 Six Domains of Transformation - Environment3m
5.3 Six Domains of Transformation - Cognition1m
5.4 Six Domains of Transformation - Emotion & Motivation3m
5.5 Six Domains of Transformation - Body & Behaviour3m
5.6 Mutual Needs1m
5.7 Separation-Individuation 15m
5.8 Separation-Individuation 23m
5.9 How can we deal with each other's unmet needs?3m
5.10 Aging: Part 15m
5.11 Aging: Part 23m
5.12 Transformation & Termination2m
5.13 Coping with transformation and termination5m
5.14 Coping with emotional challenges4m
5.15 Coping with major life transitions4m
5.16 Self-Preservation5m
5.17 Difficult Transition3m
5.18 Lifeworld Design8m
The Breakup Journey22m
Reading3 readings
Recommended Reading for Module 510m
Module 5 Lecture Notes10m
Additional Resources for Module 510m
Quiz12 practice exercises
Relationships that Need to be Transformed5m
Cultural Rules5m
Where do you experience it in your body?5m
Transformed Relationships10m
Managing Transformation10m
Relationships and Aging4m
Optional Quiz: Love Beyond Death2m
Experience of Termination2m
Get Over Self-Blame and Guilt2m
Managing the Emotional Challenges of Transformation/Termination2m
Major Transitions in Life2m
Your Transformed Relationship4m


5 hours to complete

Module 6 - Relationships & Self

The final module covers various topics related to relationships, including love, sexuality, intimacy, and relationship problems....
23 videos (Total 114 min), 2 readings, 10 quizzes
Video23 videos
6.1 What is Love4m
6.2 Six Domains of Love6m
6.3 Concluding on What is Love1m
6.4 Sexuality3m
6.5 Needs Addressed by Sex3m
6.6 Psychological Needs3m
6.7 Social Needs5m
6.8 Spirituality2m
6.9 Sex and Quality of Relationship4m
6.10 Diversity in Sexual Expression5m
6.11 Erotic Justice6m
6.12 Instrumental Relationships6m
6.13 Relationship Problems - Communication4m
6.14 A Case on Relationship Problem3m
6.15 Dealing with Relationship Problems6m
6.16 Affairs: Part 15m
6.17 Affairs: Part 2 - Affairs and Beyond3m
6.18 Dysfunctional Relationships6m
6.19 The Challenges of Transformation and Change2m
6.20 It all comes back to the self: The SSLD ideal3m
Concluding the Course2m
Engaging Non-Normative Sexualities & Desires19m
Reading2 readings
Module 6 Lecture Notes10m
Additional Resources for Module 610m
Quiz9 practice exercises
Your Own Idea of Love5m
Activity, Interaction, and Relationship10m
Communicating the Meaning of Sex5m
Deviant Sexual Practice and Culture5m
Social Disadvantage and Sexual Life-Chances5m
Dysfunctional Relationship2m
Have You Changed?2m
Course Evaluation6m


got a tangible career benefit from this course

Top Reviews

By DPAug 17th 2017

I like this course very much, it is a simple way to understand and cope with human relationship. It is helping me a lot with some situations, one of them is breakup relationship

By ASMay 3rd 2018

Very interesting, with a practical approach and with many examples. Highly recommended as it offers a good insight on the way people form relationships and connect with others.



A. Ka Tat Tsang

Founder of the SSLD System; Professor and Factor-Inwentash Chair in Social Work in the Global Community

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