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Approx. 23 hours to complete

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Subtitles: English, Romanian, Spanish
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100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible deadlines

Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

Approx. 23 hours to complete

Suggested: 8 weeks of study, 12-15 hours/week...


Subtitles: English, Romanian, Spanish

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

1 hour to complete

Welcome to Moral Foundations of Politics

3 videos (Total 22 min), 4 readings
3 videos
The Shape of the Course6m
4 readings
Course Overview3m
Meet Your Instructor3m
Pre-Course Survey10m
3 hours to complete

Enlightenment Political Theory

5 videos (Total 75 min), 4 readings, 1 quiz
5 videos
The Paradox of Discomfort and the Organization of the Course14m
Politics in the Enlightenment13m
Early vs. Mature Enlightenments15m
The Workmanship Ideal19m
4 readings
Hannah Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem, pg. 21-55, 135-14940m
Locke, First Treatise30m
Locke, Second Treatise20m
Hobbes Lessons for the Professors of Mathematics10m
1 practice exercise
Mini Quiz - Enlightenment Political Theory20m
7 hours to complete

Utilitarianism: Classical and Neoclassical

16 videos (Total 285 min), 4 readings, 1 quiz
16 videos
The Theory of Classical Utilitarianism23m
The Utility Monster and the Principle of Diminishing Marginal Utility10m
The Panopticon and Bentham on Government7m
Distribution and Diminishing Marginal Utility17m
Bentham on Equality and Rights13m
Neoclassical Utilitarianism: The Philosophical Context Beginning19m
Neoclassical Utilitarianism: The Economic Context17m
Ideological Stakes of the Transition from Classical to Neoclassical Utilitarianism9m
Introduction and the Harm Principle17m
Bentham, Mill, and The Rights-Utility Synthesis14m
The Harm Principle in Practice10m
The Harm Principle and the Spectrum of Harm18m
Harm Examples12m
Is the Harm Principle Conservative?12m
Office Hours 11h 9m
4 readings
Bentham, Intro to Morals and Legislation10m
Bentham in W. Stark, Jeremy Bentham's Economic Writings, 44225m
Mill, On Liberty, Chs. 1-21h
Mill, On Liberty Ch. 530m
1 practice exercise
Utilitarianism: Classical and Neoclassical30m
7 hours to complete

Marxism, Its Failures and Its Legacy

10 videos (Total 198 min), 5 readings, 1 quiz
10 videos
Marx as an Enlightenment Thinker15m
Marx's Challenge to Classical Political Economy20m
The Working Class12m
Exploitation - The Micro Story14m
Exploitation - The Macro Story and the Theory of Crisis24m
Marx's Overall Failures14m
Failures in the Macro Theory15m
Rethinking the Labor Theory of Value22m
Office Hours 249m
5 readings
Marx and Engels, Manifesto of the Communist Party1h 10m
Marx, Capital (Vol. I), Prefaces, Chs. I, IV, VI, XII, XVI (excerpts)45m
Marx, Critique of the Gotha Program45m
Marx, Theories of Surplus Value, Ch. XVII (Sections 8-11, 14)50m
Roemer, "Should Marxists be interested in exploitation?" Analytical Marxism10m
1 practice exercise
Marxism, Its Failures and Its Legacy30m
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Top reviews from Moral Foundations of Politics

By MSSep 17th 2015

excellant work dont by Dr Ian Shapiro and staff on putting such a mind turning,thought provoking MOOC on a complex and ever controversial subject known as POLITICS!..I hope to see more from them soon

By NKDec 30th 2015

The Course (Moral Foundations of Politics ) is an important subject for Politicains and the students of Political science. Prof. Ian Shapiro's lectureres have good information and most helpful.



Ian Shapiro

Sterling Professor of Political Science and Henry R. Luce Director
The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale

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