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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Principles of Photo Composition and Digital Image Post-Production by Michigan State University

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Welcome to Course THREE! In the first two Modules you will gain a more professional-level understanding of the Design Elements that artists have used throughout history to create successful compositions. Arranging the Elements in ways that lead viewers through their compositions is an essential craft for photographers no matter whether their subject matter is pure documentary or vividly exotic personal expression. In Modules 3 & 4 we survey the essential elements of post-photography image management, using Adobe(tm) LIGHTROOM(tm). Image adjustment software designed for Smartphone photographers rounds out the Course. Since even photographers whose mainstay is a high-end DSLR also must admit to Smartphone use occasionally, and photographers who only use a Smartphone will usually admit that they want to step over to a "regular" camera at some point, there is something for everyone here! Let's get started with Module One!...

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I have learned so many important principles in composing photos. I have never imagined being able to see myself progress from course to course.


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Interesting content presented well. Learned many new things and I like the quizzes as well as peer-review.

Highly recommend it.

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By Oksana D

Mar 23, 2018

Dissapointed. The course is full of unneeded information. Instead of teaching, videos are full of references and memories and talks about where the example photos were taken. 15 minutes video will be at least 10 minutes of chatting - that was taken in Athens, Greece, this was taken in Paris, France and so on and on and on. And then maybe 5 minutes somewhere in between of those there will be tips how to make photos. The talks most of the time put me to sleep or I have to follow the printed version and skip all of the chats. If a person is taking an online course, that's probably because there is no time for nonsense. What am I paying for? Totally lost any motivation for the course.

By J K

May 15, 2019

Great lectures. Great assignments. But the instructors and mods are long gone - last input from instructions or mods was in 2017.

There aren't enough students for the required peer review. This means your mental energy will not to toward making great pictures. Rather, it will go toward wondering when and if your photos will be reviewed. It's a bummer, because the course could be excellent.

By Adler J

Nov 6, 2017

I really enjoy learning with both professors, it is a delight, I was a perfect neophyte, today, I can say, I have no fear of the camera and I also understand the mechanism related to shooting decent elements. I can't wait to complete this third month...

By Joshua H C D

Jun 20, 2016

This course was a little a more challenge, because for a person that hasn't taken any photograph course it is a good example to proceed on photography. it is really a good course and because it is not only focus on DSLR also to smartphones.

By Abhilash

Dec 24, 2016

This course talks about the composition of photos and about some softwares used to post process the photos.The last two weeks discus the softwares and have trial versions of the softwares available for the learner.


May 29, 2020

the course on the lightroom tutorials was something I was really looking forward too. however I found that It wasn't conducted well. A better screen viewer should have been used and the guidelines were not useful. I had to watch Tutorials on youtube to better understand them

By Neil B

Apr 1, 2017

This session represented a continuation of what for me has been an very fine series of photography lessons. Professors Glendinning and Sullivan are excellent, and I would go so far as to so Professor Glendinning is outstanding, at presenting the technical and creative aspects of photography, and though I still have an incredibly long way to go before I consider myself either technically or artistically proficient, I believe I have learned so much in these first months that I now truly know what it is to make a photograph rather than to simply take a picture.

By Jessica N

Aug 23, 2020

This course was a great introduction to photo composition and post-production using Lightroom. With the knowledge from this course, I think I could easily jump into Lightroom and begin post-processing, something I would not have felt confident about prior to this course. Additionally, I like the introduction to different photo/ photo-editing apps, I ended up finding a new one that I have already used a few times with my photos! Thank you!

By Fatima R N

Dec 2, 2016

Dear professors Peter and Mark, I am very happy with the improved knowledge and results during the courses. Really, the excitement of you is mine too! I confess that I have a degree in digital photography and his classes always amaze me! It's a great joy to be able to access such a well-prepared content and watch your incredible classes! A hug with affection and admiration, until the end of the 4th. course!

Fátima Nunes

By Jeannae D

Aug 29, 2020

I appreciate this course for teaching with more detailed information, also with the the addition of updated developments in the photography industry like exploring photo editing apps. However, it is frustrating that fellow students taking this course aren't all submitting their own photographs. I really hate that I have to grade those works when they're not really doing the assignments right.

By Alexandro G A S

Aug 9, 2016

The third course of this specialization, it is the last piece you need to fully being able to control every aspect of your photography. The assignments are much more challenging (if you put the effort) and you will learn more advanced techniques including image post-production and you will be able to carry on a small photography project.

By Anna C

Jan 28, 2017

Excellent, i wish id known about it before i did and open university course in the uk at the same cost which is why i only did the audit on this one. this was much much better and went into detail so much better. Im waiting to start a journalism speciality which is why im auditing some of the others in this series in the meantime.

By Jonathan M

May 10, 2020

It was an exceptional course, many essential factors for photography are described in a suitable time and straight to the point as I like the courses, the methodology encourages me to continue investigating the topics of greatest interest. As a summary I can only say, thank you.

By Dawn Z

Jun 23, 2016

Awesome...I have no other words, the course has gotten better as it has gone on and I didn't think that was possible. The professor's and Coursera's staff took consideration into the learners opinions and made the necessary changes that have refined this course to the maximum.

By Guidinchy F

Dec 2, 2016

An excellent course, I have seen several tools to edit the photos and to exploit an artistic side. The teachers are excellent thanks!

Un curso Excelente, he visto varias herramientas para editar las fotos y explotar un lado artístico.

Los Maestros son excelentes gracias!

By Edgar A R E

Sep 23, 2020

I think this is a really great course that continues our education in the world of photography and I really loved to learn about the elements of composition and post processing of our photographs with a very detailed workshop on how to use Adobe Lightroom.

By Eric A G

Oct 31, 2018

Similar to my Graphic Design classes in College but much more tuned to Photography and I simply Loved the sessions and videos. It was great fun and I learned much more than I thought I would about photography post production. Thanks to Great Professors!

By Ygor G S

Jun 25, 2016

Okay, you know how to take some good photos but It would be interesting if you could edit some pictures to emphasize or change their content. That's post-production and it's the content of this course. I really recommend everyone to enroll it!

By Nancy L Y L

Nov 27, 2016

This course has good motivation and challenging. Before taking this course, I do not know much about photography and always refuse to hold a camera. The knowledge I have gained from this course has changed my way of taking photo.

By Andrés M P

Sep 19, 2016

I am really glad for have participated in this course, even when I didn't have the opportunity to submit my assignments. The course is a great introduction to photo composition, but no so much to digital image post-production.

By Mario S P G

Sep 10, 2017

I think the composition of the photos is as important as knowing to how to manage your camera. This course does a great job teaching the basics of composition, so you start practicing and getting better at it.

By soledad b

Sep 10, 2017

Fantastic course, learning about Apps for editing, collage, layers and creative compositions! Loving it!!

Thanks coursera for this amazing opportunity, thanks to professors Glendinning and Sullivan :)

By Darryl W

Mar 9, 2020

Post production was something i wanted to get into, but haven't. This course allow me to explore with guidence.I love the challenges of the projects and the peer review to see what others imagine.

By Crystal L

Jul 25, 2016

This was a very interesting and eye opening course for me. So many great techniques I found of such value. Peter & Mark left me with a great feeling of confidence after taken this course

By Hasitha M D

Sep 23, 2020

This was very helpful. I am following photography as a hobby and had very little knowledge of post-processing of photographs let alone using an advanced processing tool like Light room.