IBM Project Manager Professional Certificate

IBM Project Manager Professional Certificate

Prepare for a career as a Project Manager. Develop in-demand skills and hands-on experience to get job-ready in as little as 2 months. No prior experience required.

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What you'll learn

  • Master the most up-to-date concepts, tools, principles, and language project managers use in their daily roles.

  • Track and manage projects, including addressing difficult client situations and how activities shift throughout the project management lifecycle.

  • Incorporate Agile concepts of adaptive planning, iterative development, and continuous improvement leading to early deliveries and customer value.

  • Apply your skills to projects and build a portfolio that showcases your proficiency to employers while preparing for the CAPM certification exam.

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¹Lightcast™ Job Postings Report, United States, 7/1/22-6/30/23. ²Based on Coursera learner outcome survey responses, United States, 2021.


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Professional Certificate - 8 course series

Introduction to Project Management

Course 19 hours4.8 (891 ratings)

What you'll learn

  • Explain project management, its benefits, and the role it plays in projects

  • Describe who project managers work with, different project management methodologies, and recent trends in project management

  • Summarize the typical responsibilities of a project manager and the skill sets needed to fulfill those responsibilities

  • Compare and contrast different industries, paths, and possible career progressions available to project management professionals

Skills you'll gain

Category: Project Management
Category: Communication
Category: Leadership
Category: Stakeholder Management

Project Management Foundations, Initiation, and Planning

Course 220 hours4.6 (211 ratings)

What you'll learn

  • Compare and contrast predictive and adaptive project management models

  • Investigate how to lead effective meetings and how motivating your team can lead to project success

  • Create planning documents and others that help you scope a project, plan project schedules, and create accurate budgets

  • Apply processes and tools that drive project initiation

Skills you'll gain

Category: Project Management
Category: Risk Management
Category: Systems Development Life Cycle
Category: Information sharing

What you'll learn

  • Describe different project lifecycles including waterfall and adaptive lifecycles.

  • Demonstrate information sharing techniques to improve communication effectiveness with team members and external stakeholders.

  • Perform an end-to-end risk analysis including SWOT analysis, risk register, and risk matrix.

  • Create executable risk response strategies to avoid or mitigate threats and exploit or enhance opportunities.

Skills you'll gain

Category: Project Management
Category: Leadership
Category: Business Analysis
Category: agile
Category: PMI-CAPM

What you'll learn

  • Discuss ways to foster a healthy environment for team members and explain the effects of empowering team members.

  • Demonstrate better project communications by applying different communication skills and mediums.

  • Apply leadership skills to get positive project outcomes, build trusting teams, and establish strong stakeholder relationships.

  • Demonstrate increased stakeholder engagement by applying the knowledge and skills to acquire resources and keep stakeholders involved in the project.

Skills you'll gain

Category: Project Management
Category: Project Planning
Category: Project initiation

Introduction to Agile Development and Scrum

Course 511 hours4.9 (1,817 ratings)

What you'll learn

  • Adopt the 5 practices of Agile, a subset of DevOps: small batches, minimum viable product, pair programming, behavior- and test-driven development.

  • Write good user stories, estimate and assign story points and track stories using a kanban board. Incorporate Scrum artifacts, events, and benefits.

  • Create and refine a product backlog using the sprint planning process. Produce potentially shippable product increments with every iteration.

  • Create burndown charts to forecast the ability to meet a sprint goal. Use metrics to enhance performance, productivity, and client satisfaction.

Skills you'll gain

Category: Question Answering
Category: job interviews
Category: project manager
Category: Resume
Category: Job Search Strategies

Project Management Capstone

Course 618 hours5.0 (50 ratings)

What you'll learn

  • Demonstrate end-to-end project knowledge of Project Manager capabilities

  • Manage scope, resources, and kick off a project as a project manager

  • Plan a project using adaptive methodologies such as Scrum and Sprints

  • Create predictive method artefacts such as a work breakdown structure, network diagram, quality and communications plans, and a risk register

Skills you'll gain

Category: Project Management
Category: Risk Management
Category: Agile Management
Category: Leadership
Category: Scrum (Software Development)

Practice Exam for CAPM Certification

Course 75 hours4.6 (45 ratings)

What you'll learn

  • Prepare for the CAPM certification by taking a simulated exam consisting of 150 questions

  • Learn effective strategies and techniques to optimize your exam results, such as time management, question prioritization, and leveraging strengths

  • Understand the CAPM exam format, duration, topics, and objectives, enabling you to focus on the topics that matter most

  • Receive guidance on locating course resources to refresh your learning on specific exam topics

Skills you'll gain

Category: Project Management
Category: Scrum Master
Category: Career Development
Category: Project Planning
Category: Agile PM

Project Management Job Search, Resume, and Interview Prep

Course 813 hours5.0 (22 ratings)

What you'll learn

  • Explain the role of a project manager, career opportunities, the roles, titles, responsibilities and the required skills and competencies

  • Create a resume, portfolio, and cover letter based on the job requirements and apply tips and best practices to prepare for a job interview

  • Describe various interview question types, including  industry, skills and experience, and behavioral, and how to respond to them effectively

  • Discuss post-interview actions required to position yourself for success and apply tips to help during salary negotiation

Skills you'll gain

Category: Kanban
Category: Zenhub
Category: Scrum Methodology
Category: Agile Software Development
Category: Sprint Planning


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