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This course is an introduction to learning and applying the principles required to solve engineering mechanics problems. Concepts will be applied in this course from previous courses you have taken in basic math and physics. The course addresses the modeling and analysis of static equilibrium problems with an emphasis on real world engineering applications and problem solving. The copyright of all content and materials in this course are owned by either the Georgia Tech Research Corporation or Dr. Wayne Whiteman. By participating in the course or using the content or materials, whether in whole or in part, you agree that you may download and use any content and/or material in this course for your own personal, non-commercial use only in a manner consistent with a student of any academic course. Any other use of the content and materials, including use by other academic universities or entities, is prohibited without express written permission of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation. Interested parties may contact Dr. Wayne Whiteman directly for information regarding the procedure to obtain a non-exclusive license....

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This course is very helpful to know the basic knowledge of engineering mechanics. The teaching process was interesting. And our Professor really a great teacher. His class taking system is very nice.

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By Mohammad H S

Feb 8, 2018

I am majoring in Civil Engineering. The contents of this course was very helpful to me. It helped me to well understand the concept of Statics course which I took during my Freshman. Thanks to Mr. Whiteman and thanks to Coursera.

By Subramanya B

Jul 6, 2017

Dr Whiteman teaches the concepts of Mechanics exceptionally well. I benefited a lot from this course as it also improved a few basics that I had earlier struggled to understand. Giving real life examples of objects helped a lot.

By Malachi

Jul 20, 2022

Very helpful course, allowed for me to explore mathematics and systems mapping in a very practical way. It was a flexible course that allowed me to use the reources to their fullest capabilities when I felt the most comfortable

By 19EUMC093 M M

Sep 10, 2020

It is very interesting to learn. I am happy to learn this. But,In coursera app.. I am unable to attend the quiz that I put this on discussion box.but there is no reply. Please check it. And this course is very useful for me.

By Jebin T

Oct 7, 2015

Concepts are explained very well with practical examples. Assignments are made in such a way that an overall understanding of the module covered is ensured. I'd definitely recommend it to all who have interest in mechanics.

By Jon Z

Apr 4, 2020

This course helped me understand Momentum, FBD and force couples I have always struggled with. It can be tough, but if you do your homework and don't take all at once, the course can be completed and it is very enjoyable!

By Patricia

Jul 10, 2017

Fantastic: Dr. Whiteman is such a great teacher who really cares about his students. You can tell that he is passionate about his work and gives you easy to follow explanations on how to solve these types of problems.

By Manar M

Sep 3, 2020

I really liked the course. i liked how the instructor builds a physical model for the problems to show us what they practically mean. This course is very useful for first-year mechanical/civil engineering students

By Ramesh K

Apr 12, 2020

It is an awesome course, learnt a lot of basics regarding Engineering Mechanics. I love the teaching procedure and the way Coursera has filmed and presented. The lecture notes are phenomenally beautiful. Thank you.

By Caroline D

Jun 10, 2020

Dr. Whiteman does an excellent job at explaining free body diagrams and working through problems. His physical set ups as well as patient and compassionate teaching help with understanding of the course material.

By Harvae D l C

Jul 19, 2021

I'm an incoming Grade 11(Junior year student) and yet, the course was able to discuss the topic clearly that even I as a young student would be able to understand and apply. Thank you GeorgiaTech for the course!

By Guillon V

Mar 18, 2021

Very interesting course ! Dr. Wayne explains really well, the courses are structured and detailed with many examples and exercises to train (though I didn't fing the corrections...). I enjoyed learning statics !

By Aayush S

Jan 6, 2021

This course was very informative and helped clear a lot of my concepts. Dr. Wayne was a great teacher and taught me a lot about the basics of engineering. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend.

By Puppala A K

May 22, 2020

Excellent presentation with practical's by Prof. Whiteman. I recommend the course for all Engineering students and staff who want to clear their concepts. I thank Coursera and Georgia Institute of Technology.

By Shrirham S

Jun 14, 2023

Excellent course for students seeking to learn the fundamentals of engineering mechanics. The statics part has been covered very well in this course. A must try course for engineering freshmen year students.

By Nishant L

Nov 20, 2020

Very Well Explained concepts. Though Engineering Mechanics is my strength and I'm good at Mechanics since school, yet I learnt a lot of new things. Thanks to Dr. Whiteman for such awesome content and course.

By Eliezer M

Nov 5, 2015

This course was my first engineering course and with dedication and drive I passed all the curriculums and achieved my certificate to this course. This course was very helpful in all aspects from beginging

By Illouise R

May 1, 2020

I had no idea the advantage of using vectors. This course thought by the awesome instructor really honed my skills in analyzing real world situations. Thank you Georgia Tech for your quality instructors.

By Jaimin J

May 14, 2020

The course is actually very good. The use of models while explaining the problems significantly increases the extent of your imagination. And obviously, Physics can be solved only if you can imagine...

By Fazla Z A

Aug 29, 2020

The interactive approach of Dr. Wanye Whiteman leads to clarify the concept of Engineering Mechanics. I am glad to enroll this course, I will enroll further courses in future. Thank you so much.

By Lennart N

Sep 5, 2020

Great course, as a Polymer Engineer working in Oil & Gas this was exactly what I needed to aid my understanding in mechanical engineering calculations and design. Thank you so much Wayne, A+++.

By Răduță M

Aug 25, 2017

Extremely useful for first year engineering students! A very well explained and to-the-point course explaining the basic material needed to any person starting university engineering studies.

By Md A R S

Aug 2, 2020

One of the best online course I have ever done! Thank you so much to Dr. Whiteman, to GeorgiaTech and Coursera! Learned so much more than from our live course that we had in university :)

By Mansoor A

May 2, 2019

Thank You Georgia Tech and Coursera for providing such a comprehensive and clear course material. Dr. Whiteman teaching method is also impressive and to the point. Keep up the good work!

By Ramadhan F

Jul 20, 2020

I actually already understand this much from my days in college and come here with an expectation to gain new insights. My expectation is fulfilled. Great lecture Dr. Wayne Whiteman, PE.