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Subtitles: English, Italian, Russian

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Internet ArchitectureInternetInternet SecurityInternet Protocol (IP) Suite

100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible deadlines

Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

Approx. 12 hours to complete

Suggested: 12 hours of videos and quizzes...


Subtitles: English, Italian, Russian

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Getting Started

Welcome to the class. We will first look at the history of the Internet and Web, followed by a look at how the network works and then examine how we secure information on the Internet and Web.

3 videos (Total 9 min), 2 readings
3 videos
Bonus: Office Hours - Manila, Philippines1m
Bonus: Offices Hours in Portland, OR5m
2 readings
Course Materials10m
Help us learn more about you!10m
2 hours to complete

History: Dawn of Electronic Computing

World War II emphasized the strategic importance of computation, communication, and information. There was unprecedented investment in the development of new technologies during the war. We start with Alan Turing and others at Bletchley Park.

7 videos (Total 89 min), 1 quiz
7 videos
Alan Turing and Bletchley Park24m
Bonus: Class Reunion at Bletchley Park9m
Post-War Computing and Communication8m
Using the Michigan Terminal System (through 6:00)35m
Wrap up and Reflection1m
Bonus: Office Hours - Barcelona, Spain1m
1 practice exercise
History: Dawn of Electronic Computing26m
2 hours to complete

History: The First Internet - NSFNet

In the 1960s and 1970s, there was a great deal of research done to build the first wide-area packet switched networks for the US Department of Defense. In the 1980s, the first “Internet” was formed to allow academic researchers to access supercomputer resources.

8 videos (Total 94 min), 1 quiz
8 videos
Larry Smarr - NCSA12m
History Through NSFNet3m
Doug Van Houweling - NSFNet13m
Leonard Klienrock - The First Two Packets on the Internet13m
Katie Hafner - Where Wizards Stay Up Late12m
Bonus: Nii Quaynor - Bringing the Web to Africa12m
Bonus: Office Hours - Washington DC, USA31s
1 practice exercise
History: The First Internet - NSFNet22m
1 hour to complete

History: The Web Makes it Easy to Use

The World-Wide-Web was invented in 1990 but it was not an overnight success. But by 1994 - “the year of the web” - the web was being widely used and Internet usage was growing by leaps and bounds.

8 videos (Total 42 min), 1 quiz
8 videos
Robert Cailliau - Co-Inventor of the Web9m
The Web Becomes Content3m
Paul Kunz - The First Web Server in America5m
Building Mosaic6m
Joseph Hardin - NCSA Mosaic9m
Reflecting on Mosaic18s
Bonus: Office Hours - Mexico City, Mexico54s
1 practice exercise
History: The Web Makes it Easy to Use34m
1 hour to complete

History: Commercialization and Growth

The late 1990’s saw the web and Internet used increasingly to revolutionize how business was done. Companies like Amazon were founded and grew very rapidly.

8 videos (Total 57 min), 1 quiz
8 videos
Mitchell Baker: The Mozilla Foundation19m
Brendan Eich - Inventor of JavaScript11m
Assume the Web8m
Jeff Bezos - Founder of Amazon5m
The Modern Internet5m
Bonus: Tim Berners-Lee1m
Bonus: Office Hours - Melbourne, Australia1m
1 practice exercise
History: Commercialization and Growth18m
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By SBJan 7th 2016

This is an extremely important course. I would love to see it taught in high schools or in the first year of university. We should all understand how the Internet was developed and how it functions.

By JJOct 24th 2015

A excellent overview of Internet History, the underlying technology and a quick tour of SSL/TLS. The interviews with some key folks of internet folklore was an added advantage. Highly recommended.



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