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Computer security and networks courses address the foundations of creating modern, secure software and hardware. Subtopics include network security, cybersecurity, risk management, and cryptography.


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    Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Security and Networks

  • Computer security and networks courses examine how to create secure computing hardware and software data systems, for example through managing access to the network and stopping threats from entering or spreading through it. While information technology or IT security is a broad topic covering the protection of data in any form, whether online or on paper, computer security and networks courses look at cybersecurity - a subset of IT security focused exclusively on the security of electronic data systems.

    As more and more of our sensitive personal and business data is stored on the internet, cybercrime has become an everyday threat that no one can afford to ignore. Computer network security specialists help companies and consumers with prevention of data theft, credit card information breaches and other financial fraud, and loss of identity including social security numbers or other PII (personally identifiable information).