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  • Mariela Fargas

    Taught by:    Mariela Fargas, Professor

    Department of Early Modern History

  • Àngel Casals

    Taught by:    Àngel Casals, Professor in Early Modern History

    Early Modern History

  • Jaume Dantí

    Taught by:    Jaume Dantí, Full professor in Early Modern History

    Early Modern History

  • Xavier Gil

    Taught by:    Xavier Gil, Full professor in Early Modern History

    Early Modern History

  • Miquel Àngel Martínez

    Taught by:    Miquel Àngel Martínez, Professor in Early Modern History

    Early Modern History

  • Ida Mauro

    Taught by:    Ida Mauro, Teacher assistant

    Early Modern History

  • Joan-Lluís Palos

    Taught by:    Joan-Lluís Palos, Professor in Early Modern History

    Early Modern History

  • Mariàngeles Pérez Samper

    Taught by:    Mariàngeles Pérez Samper, Full professor in Early Modern History

    Early Modern History

  • Diego Sola

    Taught by:    Diego Sola, Doctor in History

    Early Modern History

  • Claudia Taribó

    Taught by:    Claudia Taribó, Postgraduate Fellow

    Early Modern History

Commitment2 - 3 hours per week
Spanish, Subtitles: English
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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Gran descripción historica acerca del Mediterraneo .

Wide-ranging and inclusive coverage of a vastly complex topic by an impressive list of erudite instructors. Very interesting, with very many jump-off points for further study. However... many of the translations into English were difficult to decipher, some to the point of near-obscurity. Sorry to say, translating of words does not reliably lead to transfer of meaning. Still, highly recommended for its reach in surveying the high points of the subject matter. Thank you!

Very good course

A very interesting and accessible course with plenty of reading suggestions for those of us who want to continue learn