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Beginner Level
Approx. 23 hours to complete
Subtitles: English
Shareable Certificate
Earn a Certificate upon completion
100% online
Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.
Flexible deadlines
Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.
Beginner Level
Approx. 23 hours to complete
Subtitles: English

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course


Week 1

2 hours to complete

Course Orientation

2 hours to complete
1 video (Total 4 min), 5 readings, 1 quiz
5 readings
About the Discussion Forums10m
Updating Your Profile10m
Social Media10m
1 practice exercise
Orientation Quiz30m
5 hours to complete

Week 1: Being Valued at Work

5 hours to complete
19 videos (Total 88 min), 2 readings, 6 quizzes
19 videos
1.1.1 Being Valued at Work2m
1.2.1: 2MC: Kidney Donation3m
1.3.1 First: Listen2m
1.3.2 2MC: Meredith's Mother-in-Law2m
1.3.3 How Are You Listening?6m
1.3.4 Listen to Learn7m
1.3.5 What Happened Next? Meredith’s Mother-in-Law3m
1.4.1 Second: Ask Questions2m
1.4.2 2MC: Signing Strangers' Names is the Process2m
1.4.3 Formulating Questions8m
1.4.4 Reciprocity: Questions Shape Answers7m
1.4.5 How and What You Ask Affects the Outcome5m
1.5.1: Achieving and Sustaining Rapport1m
1.5.2: 2MC: Personal Services1m
1.5.3: Establishing Rapport7m
1.5.4: Paraphrasing9m
1.5.5: What Happened Next? Personal Services6m
1.6.1: What Happened Next? Kidney Donation6m
2 readings
Week 1 Overview10m
Week 1 Readings and References10m
5 practice exercises
Lesson 1-3 Practice Quiz30m
Lesson 1-4 Practice Quiz30m
Lesson 1-5 Practice Quiz30m
Lesson 1-6 Practice Quiz30m
Week 1 Quiz30m

Week 2

6 hours to complete

Week 2: Likability Matters

6 hours to complete
18 videos (Total 83 min), 4 readings, 6 quizzes
18 videos
2.2.1: 2MC: Whose Money Is It?2m
2.3.1: Approach Matters2m
2.3.2: 2MC: That Parking Space2m
2.3.3: Creating Energy7m
2.3.4: De-energizers: The Costs7m
2.3.5: Your Energy and Approach8m
2.4.1: Aligning with Others53s
2.4.2: 2MC: Recommend a Friend1m
2.4.3: The And Stance: How and Why7m
2.4.4: But … Objections to The And Stance7m
2.4.5: Experts on The And Stance6m
2.5.1: High-Road Go-To Solutions1m
2.5.2: 2MC: Charging for Work Before Authorization1m
2.5.3: Find Common Ground9m
2.5.4: Get It In Writing5m
2.5.5: What Happened Next? Charging for Work Before Authorization2m
2.6.1: What Happened Next? Whose Money Is It?7m
4 readings
Week 2 Overview10m
Week 2 Resources and References10m
Summary of What Creates Energy in Organizations?10m
Summary of Rudeness in the workplace isn't just unpleasant: It's also contagious10m
5 practice exercises
Lesson 2-3 Practice Quiz30m
Lesson 2-4 Practice Quiz30m
Lesson 2-5 Practice Quiz30m
Lesson 2-6 Practice Quiz30m
Week 2 Quiz30m

Week 3

5 hours to complete

Week 3: Cognitive Biases and Errors at Work

5 hours to complete
19 videos (Total 73 min), 3 readings, 6 quizzes
19 videos
3.2.1: 2MC: Commission Sales2m
3.3.1: It's Not All About You1m
3.3.2: 2MC: Face Embarrassment1m
3.3.3: Overconfidence and Egocentrism8m
3.3.4: Confirmation Bias and Motivated Blindness6m
3.3.5 What Happened Next? Face Embarrassment7m
3.4.1: There are More Cognitive Biases?59s
3.4.2: 2MC: Chen Becomes Uncomfortable at Work1m
3.4.3: Stop Digging: Pursuit of Sunk Costs5m
3.4.4: Sinister Attribution Bias6m
3.4.5: Chen's Situation, First Pass3m
3.5.1: Prevention and Recovery: Framing and Reframing1m
3.5.2: 2MC: Chen Uncomfortable at Work, Continued58s
3.5.3: Framing7m
3.5.4: Framing in Chen’s Situation4m
3.5.5: Using Reframing as a Tool for Chen6m
3.5.6: What Happened Next? Chen Uncomfortable at Work2m
3.6.1: What Happened Next? Commission Sales4m
3 readings
Week 3 Overview10m
Week 3 Resources and References10m
Summary of Measurement of Social-Evaluative Anxiety10m
5 practice exercises
Lesson 3-3 Practice Quiz30m
Lesson 3-4 Practice Quiz30m
Lesson 3-5 Practice Quiz30m
Lesson 3-6 Practice Quiz30m
Week 3 Quiz30m

Week 4

5 hours to complete

Week 4: When Things Go Wrong

5 hours to complete
19 videos (Total 78 min), 2 readings, 5 quizzes
19 videos
4.2.1: 2MC: Speak Up or Keep Quiet1m
4.3.1: Identifying Problems1m
4.3.2: 2MC: Leaving Off a Data Point1m
4.3.3: Mindset6m
4.3.4: Are You Sure You Have a Problem?7m
4.3.5: What Happened Next? Leaving Off a Data Point5m
4.4.1: When You Are in the Wrong: Professional Apologies1m
4.4.2: 2MC: You Messed Up1m
4.4.3: The Four Rs of Apologizing: Remorse and Responsibility5m
4.4.4: The Four Rs of Apologizing: Rehabilitation and Recompense5m
4.4.5: What Happened Next? You Messed Up2m
4.5.1: Having Disputes Professionally1m
4.5.2: 2MC: Just Don't Hire Anyone Over 40...1m
4.5.3: Having Disputes Professionally: Rules One and Two6m
4.5.4: Having Disputes Professionally: Rules Three, Four, and Five7m
4.5.5: Review - and What Happened Next? Hire No One Over 407m
4.6.1: What Happened Next? Speak Up or Keep Quiet4m
4.7.1: Bringing it All Together7m
2 readings
Week 4 Overview10m
Week 4 Resources and References10m
4 practice exercises
Lesson 4-3 Practice Quiz30m
Lesson 4-4 Practice Quiz30m
Lesson 4-5 Practice Quiz30m
Week 4 Quiz30m



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About the Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work Specialization

In this Specialization, Professional IQ: Preventing Solving Problems at Work, learners use real-world dilemmas and ethical problems experienced by professionals around the world to clarify and articulate their personal values as a foundation for the issues they face. Many successful people use these skills every day—and you should too: making strong decisions; recognizing and avoiding career-damaging pitfalls; preventing and resolving conflicts so as to be value-added members of teams; knowing how and when to apologize effectively; knowing how to ask constructive questions that advance work; and honing leadership skills—whether for being influential at work or holding a position of authority. Learners develop a Personal Leadership Credo, as part of a portfolio applying the skills from the course in situations that learners develop themselves. This Specialization features guest speakers from the following organizations: The University of Illinois Community Credit Union; ZipDX; Rosentreter Group; University of Kansas; Studio Helix Medical Exercise and Bodywork, LLC; Advanced Micro Devices; Vedder Price, P.C.; Circuit Court of Cook County; Sierra Training Associates Inc.; and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. For the names and biographies of individual guest speakers, please see the "Guest Experts" page within each course....
Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work

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