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About the Course

This course will introduce the learner to text mining and text manipulation basics. The course begins with an understanding of how text is handled by python, the structure of text both to the machine and to humans, and an overview of the nltk framework for manipulating text. The second week focuses on common manipulation needs, including regular expressions (searching for text), cleaning text, and preparing text for use by machine learning processes. The third week will apply basic natural language processing methods to text, and demonstrate how text classification is accomplished. The final week will explore more advanced methods for detecting the topics in documents and grouping them by similarity (topic modelling). This course should be taken after: Introduction to Data Science in Python, Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python, and Applied Machine Learning in Python....

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May 04, 2019

Lectures are very good with a perfect explanation. More than lectures I liked the assignment questions. They are worth doing. You will get to know the basic foundation of text mining. :-)


Jun 26, 2018

Would love to see these courses have more practice questions in each weeks lesson. Would be helpful for repetition sake, and learning vs only doing each question once in the assignments.

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By Yahia K

Mar 24, 2018

It is an interesting course. The difficulty level is a bit high if you have never worked with text data before. The later assignments are not structured very well and in some cases the auto-grader has issues that cause correct answers to be marked incorrect. Overall, I got some use out of it.

By 陆徐超

Dec 30, 2017

Good contents, but not very clearly explained.

By Jim B

Aug 24, 2017

Of all of the Applied Data Science with Python classes I have taken, this was the worst. If it were not for the discussion groups I would not have been able to complete the course. And the discussions groups requested help from instructors and received little to none. Part of the problem is that the auto-graders were broken, the rest of the problem was that this class relied on the online documentation. And of the classes in Applied Data Science with Python, this one has the worst documentation. Hence the class needed more help.

By Mark M

Aug 20, 2017

This is the 4th one and also a very important building block in the data science specialization. However comparing to the other courses there is much talk from the lecturer and not so much of interesting background information of this topic. So this course does not go far beyond a good tutorial.

By Sara C

May 17, 2018

I like the lecturer.

By Thomas B

Apr 22, 2018

Some rather vague assignments instructions, some assignments require material only briefly mentioned in lectures

By Max P

Jan 06, 2018

Although the topic of Text Mining is very interesting, I find that the AP did not dive deep enough into the various topics. The matter that he did explain was interesting, but at some parts not really clear. I missed a clear line of thought.

Concerning the assignments: very interesting topics, but the guidelines could be clarified to nip any possible confusion in the bud. Also, some exercises could be split up into multiple ones so that debugging becomes easy. Many students in the Discussion Forum mentioned difficulties.

By Reed R

Mar 07, 2018

Overall a good course and a nice introduction to Text Mining but issues with the autograder and some unclear instructions can make the assignments a little painful.

By Ashwini B

Jun 03, 2018

Topics like LDA need better explanations.

By Tsz W K

Oct 22, 2017

Less organised to the previous three courses. However, it still introduces useful techniques.

By James S

Feb 02, 2018

Some good stuff here, but really drops in quality toward the end and became a real slog to finish. Shame, since the rest of the specialization has been outstanding.

By Thomas P

Aug 28, 2017

Good course content, but no in-depth discussion of topics. Assignments are also very buggy.

By Yulo L

Jan 16, 2018

The course Assignments could be more clear and consistent with what is actually taught in the class. A good example is when n-grams were required to calculate the similarities, but have actually not been introduced in the video yet.

Also, an expected answers would be nice for the assignments.

Other than that, it was a nice introduction to NLP in Python.

By Steve M

May 03, 2018

The content of this course has great potential, but needs significant refinement. The lectures, while delivered with enthusiasm, were very theoretical/academic and provided little in the way of preparation for the more practical exercises. The disconnect between lectures and assignments, coupled with technical challenges (autograder glitches) were frustrating. The only support came from one dedicated volunteer Coursera Mentor; the instructor cadre was absent or unavailable to students throughout the four week period. The topics of text mining and Natural Language Processing are central to data science, and deserve better instruction than this course delivered.

By Girija M

Jul 01, 2018

The subject is too vast to be covered in such small videos. Lot more details can be integrated. Great start for beginners to Text Mining though

By Qian H

Oct 04, 2017

The homework is quite not related to the lecture. And it is so hard to finish.

By Silvia

Apr 24, 2018

Assignments were too difficult.

By Mile D

Nov 23, 2017

This course was quit ok. I have expected just more exercises and explanations because of the difficult topic.

By Muhammad H R

Feb 13, 2018

This course was just too theoretical. There were just too many lectures on the English language and nothing really practical. I learned nothing that I can actually use. There were hardly any useful text mining techniques that I learned.

By Rafael A C B

Aug 20, 2017

The course materials were interesting, but there were also a lot of issues with the autograder. Hopefully they will be fixed for the next sessions.

By Mayeul P

Nov 06, 2017

Great teaching material and clear explanations. I learnt a lot.

Nevertheless the assignments auto-grading tool is awful.

I spent more time looking for the necessary hacks to pass the assignments than working on text mining.

By Gennadiy D

Oct 21, 2017

I will be better to provide python code in a separate notebook

By Gabriele L

Jan 19, 2018

The videos are very good, the teacher is clear and concepts are explained well. The assignment are frustrating because of the misunderstanding that could arise due to the nature of the assigments themselves. Exercise are not explained well.

Overall it is a good course, I would do it again.

By Teo S

Aug 24, 2017

potentially great course, but I will just say it was good.

The last week was especially poor as they lecturer did very minimal teaching in the coding portion and expect the students to deliver on their own in the assignments. Even after I finished the course, I still felt that there were portions that I did not understand clearly. Will appreciate if they can cover more content like the previous machine learning course.

By Sakina F

Apr 15, 2018

Very very long videos. Makes a person zone out. The videos need to be smaller in length as they become very hard to complete. However, the content is good and easy to understand.