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Approx. 55 hours to complete


Subtitles: English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified)

100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible deadlines

Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

Beginner Level

Approx. 55 hours to complete


Subtitles: English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified)

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Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

2 hours to complete

Introduction to Roman Architecture

4 videos (Total 43 min), 8 readings
4 videos
1.2 The Urban Grid and Public Architecture 14m
1.3 Bathing, Entertainment, and Housing in the Roman City 12m
1.4 Roman Tombs, Aqueducts, and the Lasting Impact of Roman Architecture 5m
8 readings
Welcome to the Course!10m
Glossary of Terms10m
Suggested Readings - "The Monument Lists"10m
Pre-Course Survey10m
Welcome to Week 110m
Lecture 1 Image Sources10m
1 hour to complete

It Takes a City: The Founding of Rome and the Beginnings of Urbanism in Italy

5 videos (Total 75 min), 1 reading
5 videos
2.2 The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus Capitolinus 17m
2.3 Defensive Stone Walls and Regular Town Planning 17m
2.4 The Hellenization of Late Republican Temple Architecture 18m
2.5 The Advent of the Corinthian Order 11m
1 reading
Lecture 2 Image Sources10m
1 hour to complete

Technology and Revolution in Roman Architecture

5 videos (Total 70 min), 1 reading
5 videos
3.2 The First Experiments in Roman Concrete Construction 11m
3.3 Sanctuaries and the Expressive Potential of Roman Concrete Construction 16m
3.4 Innovations in Concrete at Rome: The Tabularium and The Theater of Marcellus15m
3.5 Concrete Transforms a Mountain at Palestrina 13m
1 reading
Lecture 3 Image Sources10m
2 hours to complete

Civic Life interrupted: Nightmare and Destiny on August 24, A.D. 79

6 videos (Total 72 min), 2 readings
6 videos
4.2 The Early Settlement and the Forum at Pompeii 10m
4.3 The Capitolium and Basilica of Pompeii 8m
4.4 Pompeii’s Entertainment District: The Amphitheater, Theater, and Music Hall15m
4.5 Bath Complexes at Pompeii 12m
4.6 Daily Life and the Eruption of Vesuvius 13m
2 readings
Welcome to Week 210m
Lecture 4 Image Sources10m
1 hour to complete

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Houses and Villas at Pompeii

6 videos (Total 76 min), 1 reading
6 videos
5.2 Early Pompeian Houses and the Ideal Hellenized Domus 9m
5.3 Hellenized Houses in Pompeii 13m
5.4 The House of the Faun 15m
5.5 Additional Pompeian Houses 12m
5.6 Villa of the Mysteries 9m
1 reading
Lecture 5 Image Sources10m
3 hours to complete

Habitats at Herculaneum and Early Roman Interior Decoration

6 videos (Total 73 min), 1 reading, 1 quiz
6 videos
6.2 Houses at Herculaneum and the Samnite House 7m
6.3 Further Developments in Domestic Architecture at Herculaneum: The House of the Mosaic Atrium and the House of the Stags 17m
6.4 First Style Roman Wall Painting14m
6.5 Second Style Roman Wall Painting 12m
6.6 Second Style Roman Wall Painting and the Family of Augustus8m
1 reading
Lecture 6 Image Sources10m
2 hours to complete

Gilding the Lily: Painting Palaces and Villas in the First Century A.D.

6 videos (Total 74 min), 2 readings
6 videos
7.2 Transition from Second to Third Style at Oplontis 11m
7.3 The Mature Third Style at Boscotrecase 14m
7.4 A Third Style Garden and Fabullus Paints the Domus Aurea in Rome17m
7.5 Fourth Style Eclecticism and Display in Pompeii 12m
7.6 Scenographic Painting in Herculaneum 6m
2 readings
Welcome to Week 310m
Lecture 7 Image Sources10m
1 hour to complete

Exploring Special Subjects on Pompeian Walls

6 videos (Total 67 min), 1 reading
6 videos
8.2 A Mystical Marriage 17m
8.3 The God of Wine and His Brides10m
8.4 Conclusion to the Initiation Rites 7m
8.5 The Wanderings of Odysseus 13m
8.6 Genre, Historical, and Portrait Painting 10m
1 reading
Lecture 8 Image Sources10m
2 hours to complete

From Brick to Marble: Augustus Assembles Rome

7 videos (Total 75 min), 2 readings
7 videos
9.2 Julius Caesar, Venus Genetrix, and the Forum Iulium 12m
9.3 The Ascent of Augustus and Access to Italian Marble 12m
9.4 Augustus Assembles His Marble City 11m
9.5 The Forum of Augustus and Its Links to the Greek Past 8m
9.6 The Ara Pacis Augustae 12m
9.7 Mussolini, The Meier Museum, and a Jewel on Lungotevere 9m
2 readings
Welcome to Week 410m
Lecture 9 Image Sources10m
1 hour to complete

Accessing Afterlife: Tombs of Roman Aristocrats, Freedmen, and Slaves

7 videos (Total 71 min), 1 reading
7 videos
10.2 Etruscan Antecedents of the Mausoleum of Augustus 8m
10.3 The Tomb of Caecilia Metella on the Via Appia 9m
10.4 The Pyramidal Tomb of Gaius Cestius 12m
10.5 The Tomb of the Baker Eurysaces and His Wife Atistia 8m
10.6 Atistia's Breadbasket and Eurysaces' Achievements9m
10.7 Tombs for Those of Modest Means and the Future of Concrete Architecture 11m
1 reading
Lecture 10 Image Sources10m
3 hours to complete

Notorious Nero and His Amazing Architectural Legacy

6 videos (Total 74 min), 1 reading, 1 quiz
6 videos
11.2 Caligula and the Underground Basilica in Rome 12m
11.3 Claudius and the Harbor at Portus 10m
11.4 Claudius' Porta Maggiore in Rome 7m
11.5 Nero and the Domus Transitoria in Rome13m
11.6 The Golden House of Nero and the Octagonal Room 12m
1 reading
Lecture 11 Image Sources10m
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By JQFeb 21st 2018

FANTASTIC COURSE: Although I've been to Rome several times, this course opened my eyes to many aspects of Roman Architecture I was heretofore unaware of. Thanks so much! Dr Quincy

By SWFeb 11th 2018

Well structured & organized materials, well articulated lectures, smartly designed assignments. Diana brought architecture study to a marvelous level. What a delight!



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