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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Introduction to Systems Engineering by UNSW Sydney (The University of New South Wales)

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"Introduction to Systems Engineering" uses a structured yet flexible approach to provide a holistic, solid foundation to the successful development of complicated systems. The course takes you step by step through the system life cycle, from design to development, production and management. You will learn how the different components of a system interrelate, and how each contributes to a project’s goals and success. The discipline’s terminology, which can so often confuse the newcomer, is presented in an easily digestible form. Weekly video lectures introduce and synthesise key concepts, which are then reinforced with quizzes and practical exercises to help you measure your learning. This course welcomes anyone who wants to find out how complex systems can be developed and implemented successfully. It is relevant to anyone in project management, engineering, QA, logistic support, operations, management, maintenance and other work areas. No specific background is required, and we welcome learners with all levels of interest and experience....

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Oct 17, 2020

Thank You!\n\nThis course has been extremely helpful for me to develop an understanding of systems engineering so that I can facilitate application of SE to a new technology my company is developing.

Nov 11, 2016

This course gives a lot of insights into the SE activities, which we normally don't notice. This would be useful for the system developers as well System Safety engineers to appreciate the system

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By เทอดเกียรติ ล

Jun 15, 2020

Very well organized course.

By Abdullah I

Aug 25, 2017

A well organized course!!!

By Shamil M

Apr 6, 2017

Best choise for engineers!


Jul 23, 2018

The course is excellent!

By Txinto V

Nov 9, 2017

Best MOOC of this topic.

By Manuel L

Nov 26, 2019

Good course!! commended

By Mohammed A A

Oct 17, 2021

excellent course

By Khalid W A

Apr 1, 2018

Very nice course

By Hermanus P P

Mar 29, 2018

very interesting

By Kehinde O

Nov 6, 2020

Very enriching

By Abed A A

Jul 16, 2018

Great Course

By yashar k s

Oct 4, 2016

Best Course

By Carlos E G R

May 25, 2018


By alex d

Jun 25, 2016


By Olammy E

Dec 22, 2016

Great app

By John M

Jul 2, 2017


By Jules M

Jun 2, 2020


By Ayog K R

Nov 23, 2017


By S S P

Oct 13, 2016


By Valtteri O

Apr 13, 2020

The course was for the most part well set up. The lectures were informative and easy to follow. The course gave important tools and templates for dealing with systems engineering properly and things to look out for.

The course, however, was much from the old "British Imperial" perspective, which is quite rigid. What I mean is that, much time was used to list terms and acronyms of things, rather than learning to understand their contents and context.

The significance of knowing a specific name of a certain step in a process is hardly the most important thing to remember. I'd rather remember, what is supposed to be done in each particular step.

The names are not the same across the world and acronyms of names, that mean nothing to me, do not stick.

Other than the over emphasis on vocabulary, I think this is one of the better courses I've attended.

By patrick g

May 6, 2018

I am going to be pursuing a Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering in the near future, and this course has given me a lot of insight into what I will be expecting from such a degree program. The instructors do a fantastic job of breaking down content into a systematic approach that is accompanied by many qualitative figures and depictions. The assignments are very abstract which comes with some pros and cons however, the requirement of grading your peers and seeing what they come up with for answers adds some insight into how creatively you may approach the problems. Overall I would recommend this course specifically to individuals who are exploring possible 89+++++++career or educational options in systems engineering.

By Neil H

Dec 30, 2020

The Introduction to Systems Engineering course itself provides a very good overview of the systems engineering discipline and processes, with sufficient depth to engage those who wish to understand in further detail through additional study.

I would have given it 5 stars were it not for the limitations of the coursera platform in regards to the peer review process. This could be improved by requiring course participants to review more than two submissions where available, and by introducing additional measures to prevent plagiarism.

Overall, I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in systems engineering.

By Martin Z

Nov 16, 2020

I enjoyed the course very much. The videos are well done. I missed timely answers to questions posted in the forum. The rating of the extension exercises does not rate if the task was answered, but focus more on SE terminology and principals. This should be improved. E.g. I had to assess an extension exercise which was basically a good summary of that week. So it fulfilled all criteria, but did not answer the given task at all. I struggled to rate this properly. Additionally a list of abbreviations would be helpful

By Sean H

Jan 13, 2020

This is a great course. It content is good and very well presented. The quizzes and and assignments reinforce the material well. Reviewing other students work is a good idea because it allows the learner to see other student's perspectives like in a real classroom. Discussion boards are good and allow for interaction. I gave only 4 stars because I feel that there was too much content related to the dwelling/house example and there could have been more technical system example (eg. car, plane, etc.) also used.

By Victor B

Jul 10, 2017

The first part was very interesting and useful. The exercices very interesting as well. The second part was less structured, with a bit strange and unrelated exercises. Although, it was still useful.

On overall I rank it as four, because it was a really good introduction to System Engineering. Despite the above mentioned drawbacks, after accomplishment of the course, I could easily work with terms related to System Engineering and could understand much more better the design process of the systems.