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Approx. 33 hours to complete
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Shareable Certificate
Earn a Certificate upon completion
100% online
Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.
Flexible deadlines
Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.
Approx. 33 hours to complete
Subtitles: English, Spanish

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Week 1

4 hours to complete

Who were the Jews?

4 hours to complete
13 videos (Total 161 min), 7 readings
13 videos
1.1.2 Who were the Jews?7m
1.1.3 Why do we study the Holocaust?12m
1.1.4 Poetry and perspectives16m
1.2.1 Western European Jewry in the 19th century9m
1.2.2 Jewish success and European antisemitism14m
1.2.3 Jews in French society14m
1.2.4 Roots of modern antisemitism6m
1.2.5 Theodor Herzl11m
1.3.1 Expectations of reality13m
1.3.2 Hier ist kein warum11m
1.3.3 Yiddish culture13m
1.3.4 On Account of a Hat18m
7 readings
Books and films10m
Writing assignments10m
1.0.1 Topics, readings, and films10m
1.1.5 Written in Pencil in the Sealed Railway-Car (English translation)10m
1.3.5 On Account of a Hat (English translation)10m

Week 2

4 hours to complete

Prelude to the Holocaust

4 hours to complete
19 videos (Total 231 min), 1 reading
19 videos
2.1.2 Poland, part 110m
2.1.3 Poland, part 27m
2.1.4 Hungary, part 110m
2.1.5 Hungary, part 212m
2.1.6 Fear and hatred5m
2.2.1 Liberal European culture9m
2.2.2 Night, part 111m
2.2.3 Night, part 214m
2.2.4 Life in the Arbeitslager14m
2.3.1 Jewry of the Russian Empire18m
2.3.2 The Russian state16m
2.3.3 Changing demographics9m
2.3.4 Pogroms in the Russian Empire and the USSR13m
2.3.5 Jewish identity7m
2.4.1 The Bildungsroman, part 17m
2.4.2 The Bildungsroman, part 218m
2.4.3 The Bildungsroman, part 320m
2.4.4 The Bildungsroman, part 412m
1 reading
2.0.1 Topics, readings, and films10m

Week 3

4 hours to complete

Rise of the Nazis

4 hours to complete
14 videos (Total 173 min), 7 readings
14 videos
3.1.2 Hitler and the Jews14m
3.1.3 Germans and the Jews13m
3.1.4 The rise of the Nazis11m
3.1.5 Nazism in German culture5m
3.2.1 Poetry and evil, part 113m
3.2.2 Poetry and evil, part 215m
3.2.3 Poetry and evil, part 37m
3.2.4 Todesfugue (Death Fugue)16m
3.3.1 Intentionalism and functionalism20m
3.3.2 What do we do with the Jews?15m
3.3.3 Why didn't they leave?13m
3.3.4 The Anschluß and German pogroms5m
3.3.5 Passing and not passing8m
7 readings
3.0.1 Topics, readings, and films10m
3.2.5 Kaddish10m
3.2.6 Nightsong (English translation)10m
3.2.7 Death Fugue (English translation)10m
3.2.8 Todesfuge (German)10m
3.2.9 Memento Mori (English translation)10m
3.2.10 Memento Mori (Yiddish)10m

Week 4

5 hours to complete

Beginnings of war

5 hours to complete
15 videos (Total 188 min), 1 reading, 1 quiz
15 videos
4.1.2 Direct acts of violence14m
4.1.3 Fight for what?13m
4.1.4 Eroticization of violence13m
4.1.5 Resistance and agency5m
4.2.1 Beginnings of war9m
4.2.2 German war aims10m
4.2.3 Ghettoes16m
4.2.4 Jewish leadership14m
4.2.5 What did the neighbors say?12m
4.3.1 Language of trauma15m
4.3.2 Banality of evil15m
4.3.3 Schindler's List, part 110m
4.3.4 Schindler's List, part 216m
4.3.5 Guilt and responsibility4m
1 reading
4.0.1 Topics, readings, and films10m



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