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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Environmental law may be the one institution standing between us and planetary exhaustion. It is also an institution that needs to be reconciled with human liberty and economic aspirations. This course considers these issues and provides a tour though existing legal regimes governing pollution, water law, endangered species, toxic substances, environmental impact analyses, and environmental risk. Note: The Environmental Law & Policy Course will close for new learner enrollment on February 22, 2019. Learners who have already enrolled will continue to see it on their Coursera Dashboard as long as they remain enrolled in the course. If you are currently enrolled in this course, please see the announcement sent on February 19, 2019, for additional details....

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Apr 20, 2018

Incredible course with an engaging professor who makes you want to learn more with every lesson.\n\nThe best course I saw on Coursera and exactly what I would appreciate in any course, online or not.


Jun 03, 2020

Really great class. Covers all the main topics of environmental law. The Professor is very interesting, informative, and clear. A great introductory class for environmental topics in the legal realm.

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By Allie O

Aug 03, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed the Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy course and appreciate

Professor Donald Hornstein's creative approach to teaching. I was both inspired and empowered by this course and look forward to further courses in Environmental law from The University of North Carolina at Chapel HIll.

Thank you so very much.

By Prachi a

Mar 31, 2017

This course is amazing .Gives insight of environmental issues ,law violations,environmental protection and economics policies and there impacts.Professor teaches in an exceptional way ,makes you finish course before time . I would Recommend it to anyone who is concerned about environmental issues and law and protection .

By Pooja D

May 08, 2020

Environment is a place where different things are such as a swampy or hotenvironment. It can be living (biotic) or non-living (abiotic) things. It includes physical, chemical and other natural forces. ... Since everything is part of theenvironment of something else, the word environment is used to talk about many things.

By Sherlin R

Oct 16, 2020

Initially I was skeptical about this course, however from the first lecture to the last I was hooked. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone interested in environmental law and policy. The lecturer really made it an awesome experience and I applaud his and his team's hard work. Thank you!

By Yara S

Jun 04, 2020

It's a really informative and interesting course. Although it is a US focused course, and I'm not an American or living in the US, I found it really useful to learn about the cases and logic with regards to courts decisions. I highly recommend it for anyone who is starting their work on environmental law and policy.

By Mahera B R

Sep 09, 2020

actually I am going to miss this course. it was very on point, touched the important aspects of environmental law, how the law should be, what the law is and what are the challenges, and discussed about the policies in a very theoritical approach to give outlook on 'how' the law is such and what more we need to do.

By Harry J

Sep 03, 2015

Very interesting and a great way to gain a broader understanding of Law regarding the Environment. Touches on subjects of pollution, waste control and trade; very valuable in this day and age in my opinion. Useful to anyone interested in the field of Sustainable Energies, World Trade, Environmental Protection etc.

By Thomas C

Jul 14, 2017

This is a great course for not only understanding environmental law in the US, but serves as a perfect introduction to administrative law. Beyond that, the course provides a framework for analyzing court decisions and seeing how they affect one another. I hope to see more courses from UNC Law in the future!

By Chloe

Jul 10, 2017

Amazing course for those who are total beginners or those with some knowledge of environmental law. The content is great, detailed but conceptual and the quizzes are a perfect challenge. Absolutely recommend this for anyone even slightly interested in learning more about any aspect of environmental law.

By Christina H

Jul 16, 2020

I've never taken any law or environmental class and this was a great introduction. We looked at environmental litigation in many areas of national and international law. My favorite was when the teacher used economics to explain the theory behind environmental law. Overall, a very chill and fun class!

By S. S M S

Sep 24, 2015

The best course that I have ever had on Coursera. It goes along with a great pace, and sessions are not too long to lose you to distraction. Each session includes good amount of information which I think they are all useful for someone in the field. All in all, the course is designed perfectly. A+

By Regie A D P

Jul 27, 2020

Excellent course and instructor! I've learned so much from this course not just on the existing environmental laws and policies but also its theoretical background. Thank you Coursera and the people who made this course possible and accessible to the people who wanted to protect the environment!

By Phuong N

Dec 28, 2016

Great introduction to environmental law. Very well-structured. The case studies were helpful and crucial to understanding of the materials. Analysis and theory lectures are very interesting. Lecturer is knowledgeable and passionate about the matter. One of the best courses I've had on Coursera!

By Amy P N

Jul 30, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and I really didn't think I would as I've never been too interested in law (I just wanted learn a bit more about how environmental law works as a conservation scientist). Its a great introduction thats easy to follow with an an amazingly engaging instructor.

By Aradhya S

Sep 08, 2020

Professor Sir adopted such a wonderful approach to make us understand different concepts of environmental law and policy. And, also the various case laws of the American regime guided our way through. It was an amazing experience to have learned environmental law at such ease and comfort.

By Charmane

Oct 23, 2017

Very helpful for your understanding of environmental law, especially that of the United States. Even if its cases are focused mostly on policies the U.S, the course can be applied to the international level as well as for someone's understanding of national issues and decision-making.

By Aldric U

Nov 21, 2015

Professor Hornstein is brilliantly easy to follow -- he walks you through "legalese" at a beginner's pace, apt for a college undergraduate-level. I particularly like his One-minute Lawyer videos, wherein he explains the case readings in a conversational style. Very good for reviewing.

By Kaelin P

Sep 14, 2017

I really loved this course, it helped give me a huge leap into environmental law and policy and has helped me see new avenues for working in this area that I was not aware of before. Thanks, Dr. Hornstein! This course has helped my professional education and career growth so much.

By Capucine P

Apr 16, 2018

This course allowed me to discover the legal aspect of environmental protection which I had never considered before. It made me realize that without the help of the state, the environment is hard to protect against people who want to make the most profit out of it's exploitation.

By Khandaker M F A

Jul 29, 2017

The instructor of this course is an excellent personality! He is full of life. While dull lectures make easy courses tough, he has made this 'juiceless' topic more than interesting with his teaching style and variation in deliberation. This is an A-class course and a must-do one.

By Julivius

Feb 25, 2019

It's really helped my understanding on environmental law and policy. I often have questions on environmental law and policy but I couldn't really pinpoint the answer from a legal perspective. From this course, I easily understood about police power and common law implementation.

By Tess L

Jul 30, 2020

The course was laid out beautifully, with a steady build-up and excellent real life examples. You learn the fundamentals (and then some) without even realizing it. It's absolute magic! I've fallen in love with environmental law, and I wish Donald Hornstein taught more classes!

By Janet L

Apr 21, 2016

Exactly what I wanted - a course to help me make sense of the basics and give me the language and the tools I need to pursue a deeper understanding of several of the subtopics which are most applicable to my work.

And Bonus! Happy Prof = Happy Learning

I appreciate that :-)

By Krystle G

May 25, 2020

Even though the material was of a serious nature, this was such an enjoyable course- the best I have taken so far! I thought I might have had an interest in environmental law and policy and this solidified and furthered that notion; I plan to officially continue my studies.