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Approx. 18 hours to complete

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Subtitles: English

What you will learn

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    Identify the various components in the Pro Tools interface and organize session files

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    Discuss difference between a synthesizer and sampler and know how to use each of them

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    Record a live performance into Pro Tools

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    Balance your production mix by adjusting levels, using pan, and applying effects such as EQ, reverb, and compression

Skills you will gain

MusicMusic productionMIDIPro ToolsMusic recording

100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible deadlines

Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

Approx. 18 hours to complete

Suggested: 4 hours/week...


Subtitles: English

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

1 hour to complete

Welcome to Pro Tools Basics!

Welcome to your Berklee MOOC! Before you begin the course, we will cover all the details about the course and what you'll need to know to get the most out of your experience.

1 video (Total 2 min), 6 readings, 1 quiz
6 readings
A Note From Chrissy10m
Meet Your Teaching Assistant!10m
Connect with Your Classmates10m
Course Resources10m
Earn A Course Certificate10m
Tell Time10m
1 practice exercise
What Are Your Goals?8m
3 hours to complete

Diving In

In this first lesson, we will roll up our sleeves and dive into the Pro Tools interface. We'll learn how to set up a session and how to add instrument and audio tracks. We'll also learn how to save and bounce our work while keeping everything organized.

9 videos (Total 41 min), 1 reading, 2 quizzes
9 videos
MIDI and Software Instrument Tracks7m
Audio Tracks5m
Working From Templates7m
Organizing Your Session3m
Bouncing Your Session4m
Saving Your Session2m
Working with The Basics46s
Giving and Receiving Feedback2m
1 reading
Download Pro Tools First or the FREE Demo Version10m
1 practice exercise
The Basics30m
4 hours to complete

Exploring MIDI and Software Instruments

In this lesson, we'll focus on MIDI and software instruments. We'll start by learning about the different kinds of sound waves. Next, we'll learn the difference between samplers and synthesizers and how to use them in music production. We'll also learn how to manipulate and automate MIDI.

7 videos (Total 34 min), 4 readings, 2 quizzes
7 videos
Wave Basics2m
MIDI Manipulation6m
Working with MIDI and Software Instruments38s
4 readings
Wave Basics10m
More About Waves10m
Simple Automation in Pro Tools10m
1 practice exercise
MIDI and Software Instruments30m
3 hours to complete

Recording and Manipulating Audio

This week we'll dive into the world of audio. We'll learn how to properly import and manage audio in Pro Tools. We'll learn how to record into Pro Tools, and we'll also learn how to use AudioSuite to manipulate audio regions.

6 videos (Total 38 min), 1 reading, 2 quizzes
6 videos
Audio Suite (Reverse)6m
Tempo Operations5m
Recording In8m
Working with Audio35s
1 reading
Audio Samples10m
1 practice exercise
Recording and Manipulating Audio30m
4 hours to complete

Mixing and Mastering

In this final lesson we will be discussing mixing and mastering. You'll learn how to make a radio-quality production by adding reverb, EQ, compression, and limiters.

7 videos (Total 43 min), 4 readings, 2 quizzes
7 videos
Reverb, Buses, and Aux Tracks10m
Practice Mixing and Mastering47s
Course Wrap-Up23s
4 readings
Frequency Graph10m
Compression Recap10m
More About Reverb10m
1 practice exercise
Mixing and Mastering30m
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By AFSep 12th 2016

Amazing course. I loved each lesson, the examples, the methodology, the teacher is Amazing!!! (Feel like we're friends now!) Very easy to follow exercises and achievable assignments.

By DRMar 1st 2017

I absolutely enjoyed this course! I gained the confidence I was looking for through the positive instructor\n\nChrissy Tignor Fisher she really made it fun.



Chrissy Tignor-Fisher

Assistant Professor
Contemporary Writing and Production

About Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music was founded on the revolutionary principle that the best way to prepare students for careers in music is through the study and practice of contemporary music. For more than half a century, the college has evolved to reflect the state of the art of music and the music business. Berklee serves distance learners worldwide through its award-winning online extension school, Berklee Online....

About the Music Production Specialization

This Specialization will give you the knowledge and tools you need to record and produce professional sounding music. You will begin by developing your identity, vision, and intention as an artist and producer. Next, you will learn the technical aspects of music production, including how sound is translated into audio signals, recording techniques, and effects such as reverb, delay, and compression. You will also learn how to use the industry standard Digital Audio Workstation, Pro Tools, to create professional recordings. Finally, you will apply the knowledge and tools you gained in a culminating 4-week Capstone where you will complete a project beginning at the pre-production stage through the recording, mixing, and mastering stages....
Music Production

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