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Approx. 17 hours to complete

Suggested: 8 hours/week...


Subtitles: English

100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible deadlines

Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

Approx. 17 hours to complete

Suggested: 8 hours/week...


Subtitles: English

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Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course


Week 1

24 minutes to complete

Introduction to Advanced Tomography

24 minutes to complete
1 video (Total 9 min), 1 reading
1 video
1 reading
Welcome to Introduction to Advanced Tomography10m
2 hours to complete

What is tomography and what can it do for me?

2 hours to complete
5 videos (Total 58 min), 1 reading, 4 quizzes
5 videos
X-ray imaging4m
Resolution and length scales8m
Discovering materials microstructure and function (Rajmund Mokso)14m
Applications of ... (Rajmund Mokso)20m
1 reading
Applications of tomography10m
4 practice exercises
Use of tomography4m
X-ray based tomography10m
Resolution, reflect upon what it is5m
2 hours to complete

Handling data

2 hours to complete
3 videos (Total 23 min)
3 videos
Introduction to Jupyter notes (Nicolai Riis)12m
Using Jupyter notes beyond this course (Nicolai Riis)4m
2 practice exercises
Jupyter notes
Python primer4m
1 hour to complete

Where is the data coming from?

1 hour to complete
5 videos (Total 30 min)
5 videos
Tomography experiments3m
Maxlab 4 (Henning Friis)9m
DTU Imaging Center (Henning Friis)5m
Manchester Imaging Facility (Jakob Sauer Jørgensen)3m
3 practice exercises
Synchrotron facilities2m
Large scale facilities and lab experiements4m
Synchrotron versus lab-systems1m

Week 2

2 hours to complete


2 hours to complete
5 videos (Total 79 min)
5 videos
Composite materials for wind turbines12m
Fiber case (Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen)15m
Chalk (Henning Osholm)28m
5 practice exercises
Fibers for wind turbines15m
Summary questions on the fiber case30m
8 hours to complete

Tomographic reconstruction

8 hours to complete
16 videos (Total 154 min)
16 videos
Understanding the origin of the sinogram3m
Back-projection and filtered back-projection6m
Fourier reconstruction5m
Filtered back projection, part 27m
Iterative reconstruction4m
X-ray tomography (Manuel Guizar-Sicairos)39m
Tomographic reconstruction (Jakob Sauer Jørgensen)1m
Tomography basics (Jakob Sauer Jørgensen)5m
Radon transform (Jakob Sauer Jørgensen)6m
Filtered back projection (Jakob Sauer Jørgensen)18m
Summary of filtered back projection reconstruction (Jakob Sauer Jørgensen)1m
Data corrections (Jakob Sauer Jørgensen)6m
Iterative reconstruction (Jakob Sauer Jørgensen)25m
Regularization (Jakob Sauer Jørgensen)11m
Software and summary (Jakob Sauer Jørgensen)5m
11 practice exercises
Getting started with tomography4m
Tomographic reconstruction5m
Filtered back-projection5m
Fourier reconstruction5m
Filtered back-projection, part 23m
Iterative reconstruction7m
Lambert-Beer and the Radon transform15m
Filtered back-projection and data corrections15m
Iterative and regularized reconstruction15m
Misc. reconstruction15m
14 minutes to complete

Imaging contrast

14 minutes to complete
2 videos (Total 11 min)
2 videos
Amplitude and phase contrast4m
2 practice exercises
Contrast mechanism1m
Amplitude and Phase contrast2m

Week 3

3 hours to complete


3 hours to complete
5 videos (Total 32 min)
5 videos
Image and volume segmentation (Vedrana Andersen Dahl)9m
Segmentation strategies (Vedrana Andersen Dahl)8m
Segmentation exercise - Fibers (Vedrana Andersen Dahl)2m
Segmentation exercise - Chalk (Vedrana Andersen Dahl)3m
7 practice exercises
Thresholding - Example 15m
Thresholding - Example 22m
Thresholding - Example 35m
Image and volume segmentation10m
Segmentation strategies10m
Segmentation exercise - Fibers1m
Segmentation exercise - Chalk5m
1 hour to complete

Computer resources

1 hour to complete
3 videos (Total 37 min)
3 videos
Efficient code5m
Computational scaling and automation (Brian Vinter)21m

Week 4

12 hours to complete

Modelling physical parameters

12 hours to complete
17 videos (Total 376 min), 7 readings, 9 quizzes
17 videos
Introduction to finite element modelling9m
Simple example of finite element modelling3m
Summary of the cases16m
Fiber (Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen)15m
Introduction to finite element modelling (Anders Logg)44m
Introduction to finite element modelling - Exercise (Anders Logg)3m
Solving the poison equation (Anders Logg)40m
Solving the poison equation - Exercise (Anders Logg)14m
Solving nonlinear problems (Anders Logg)31m
Solving nonlinear problems - Exercise (Anders Logg)10m
Solving time dependent problems (Anders Logg)38m
Solving time dependent problems - Exercise (Anders Logg)23m
Application to elasticity (Anders Logg)37m
Application to elasticity - Exercise (Anders Logg)26m
Application to fluid flow (Anders Logg)31m
Application to fluid flow - Exercise (Anders Logg)20m
7 readings
Getting started with Calfem for Python5m
PowerPoint presentation on Case1-Matrix box15m
PowerPoint presentation on Case2-OneFiberMatrixBox15m
PowerPoint presentation on Case3-MultiFibersMatrixBox15m
PowerPoint presentation on Case4-BundleMatrixBox15m
How to study this section1m
How to study this section1m
9 practice exercises
Finite element of a uni-axial tensile test5m
Finite element modelling5m
Estimate of the transverse stiffness if a composite material15m
Stiffness of the material box in the case of plane strain10m
Stiffness of the one fiber in a matrix box in the case of refined mesh15m
Stiffness of the fiber composite material10m
Bundle case5m
What is Poisson Equation?1m
FEniCS: What is it?5m

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