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JavaScript is the programming language that powers the modern web. In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of web development with JavaScript. You will work with functions, objects, arrays, variables, data types, the HTML DOM, and much more. You will learn how to use JavaScript and discover interactive possibilities with modern JavaScript technologies. Finally, you will learn about the practice of testing code and how to write a unit test using Jest....

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Fantastic description and deep insight.

Too bad some of the content is either in the wrong order making it difficult to follow or just wrong... the automatic tests also need fixing..


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Really solid course. Explains everything clearly and from a beginner level. The exercises are great too. I'm stoked to keep learning with Meta. Thanks for the high-quality courses!

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By Tomáš N

May 27, 2023

Ok, the videos are not that bad. But they are some information that trigered me, as a senior dev in another language, a lot. For example, intentionally renaming key/value/iterator loop variables to i,j because that some kind of common practice ... i'd really like to see Meta code after this statement. Must be very readable. Quizes are jokes, they don't even have dynamic questions so it's really really hard to fail twice. Assignments are stated to be 3 hour long tasks, but you get such detailed guildelines that it's hard to do them longer than for few minutes. It leaves no space for any creativity or even actuall knowledge. Difficulty of quizes and assignments is zero, which definitely degrades the certificate and by extension the course itself.

By Ahmed E

Oct 4, 2022

The overall course content gives you a quick and powerful start engaging and handling javascript, but the worst thing about this course is it's grading system that made me feel disappointed afew times

also there are some questions in quizes that has the wrong answer, besides worng comments answers in the reading sections of the content. finally, i noticed that in the testing module, there are some messing topics that were mentioned in the module Recap. i highly encourage taking that course but, don't get frustrated from the grading system for assignments.

By Joseph P

Sep 3, 2022

I found the amount of information in the course a bit overwhelming. The expectations to understand the material after a 4-5 minute video and a page of reading to be very unrealistic. Labs seemed to have a fair amount of bugs which made completeing the assignments a little difficult. This was a common issue in the discussion forums. I feel this course would be better for someone who has a bit of JavaScript knowledge but needs a refresher. If you're new to JS I would suggest finding a beginner/introduction elsewhere before taking this course.

By The K S

Feb 13, 2023

Teaches the basics of JavaScript over a period of 5 weeks. Great for beginners however lacks any thought about creativity in assessments (you have to type the code exactly how they would like you to, there is little to no leeway in making more efficient code.), and subititles can be confusing to read at times. Overall would recommend to anyone who would like to begin JavaScript.

By Julen A S

May 12, 2023

The course itself is pretty good, however it has some grading issues in the programming exercises. Additionally, I'd like the course to be more continuous, meaning, that you build your knowledge upon a project instead of little exercises.

But all in all, I would recommend it, for beginners it's pretty good and well explained

By Michelle K

Dec 8, 2022

I really liked the format and delivery of the videos. I feel like the material was presented well, but if you asked me to do javascript in an actual website based on this class, I couldn't do it without help. I really wish there were more assignments provided that had real-world examples, and more opportunities to practice.

By Laura D

Feb 28, 2023

This course should be longer. It would have been nice to have week 3's lessons divided into two weeks, due to the extensive information provided. Overall, it provides valuable information but limited opportunity to apply the new methods in actual practice. Highly recommend practicing the concepts on your own.

By Luca P

Oct 26, 2022

The course is ok for beginners, but almost all the assignments are either wrong, or have strict tests that fail because of whitespace, or worded vaguely, so you have to check on the answers of the other students who "debugged" the tests to avoid the frustration of having valid and clean code fail the tests.

By Александр

Jun 1, 2023

The week4 Test Quiz is broken, with quite a few questions not checking the answers correctly. One question even gives you a "Fail" with text saying that the answer is correct.

The coding tests have zero flexibility, making you look for the smallest syntax incorrections while the code itself runs as needed.

By Hayatudeen A

Sep 17, 2022

If you want to learn JavaScript (JS) to build real life projects, this course isn't for you. But If you're interested in learning JS to prepare for another JS library course e.g react or nodejs, this course is rightly for you as it touches the main concepts of the language.

By Raviteja K

Sep 10, 2022

Courses covers you from basics to advanced.Most of videos were in reading part. Should cover a lot on advanced topics, completley missed asynchronous programming Ahh !! That assignment grading system sucks!! Meta team please improve coverage of topics && grading system

By Alejandro V

Oct 13, 2023

The content is good but the labs need to improve. The way the labs are graded is too frustrating, you can write code that works but still not pass the tests. The lack of details as to why your code does not pass the tests makes the labs an incredibly poor experience.

By Ojasvee G

Sep 9, 2022

This course covers JavaScript basics really well but when it comes to testing and advanced concept, it is highly lacking. There is only a surface-level explanation of important topics. Absolute beginners may want to refer to W3Schools before taking the tests.

By Steven R

Jan 25, 2023

going to have to try going through this again but also seems like on coding projects there were differences that couldnt find answers to in the courses building up to it or the code would be different than any examples we went over in the courses

By Nadine

Oct 18, 2022

There were some errors and spelling mistakes in the course. Some parts of it were unstructured, however this was still a beneficial course. I only wish there was better support when I had questions or I didn't understand a certain concept.

By Laya A

Dec 15, 2022

It contains all the essentials... but not very deeply.

It just introduces what you need to learn, and then you have to go learn them in depth elsewhere.

The presentation is also dull.

Lots of Reading, Lots of Listening, little coding.

By Juan d D G M

Mar 14, 2023

I think it's good but imo it lacks of content, it has some bad practices when they teach you, I think it's veeeery basic, there is free stuff but you're paying the certificate, not the content of the course per se.

By Joel R

Dec 8, 2022

Throws a lot of information at the student without a lot of practice. Exercises "introduce" new concepts without explaining how they work. It provided a lot of information but the format was often very frustrating.

By Kelly B

May 30, 2023

This course has a lot of new concepts and at times you are needing to go outside the course to complete the activities.

To really understand JavaScript I would like more practice. (structured practice)

By Olaniran E

Mar 23, 2023

Its a good course they covered the foundation of javascript but they spent more time on theory explanation than practical over the course which wouldn't be very clear to a beginner but an advanced dev

By Raviphas S

Oct 19, 2022

Its a great course to teach new developers about javascript. However, the auto grading system for labs is very terrible and one of the questions in the last quiz of the course is incorrect.

By Marc R

Apr 17, 2023

Decent introduction, but there are just so many issues with the auto-grader and poorly worded assignments and test questions that it's hard to recommend.

By Benjamin C

Oct 19, 2022

Marking criteria for courseworks are a bit weird and it introduces new codes and topics out of nowhere sometimes. but all in all, quite comprehensive.

By Mary I

May 11, 2023

This course does not provide enough modeling and explicit instruction in Javascript. There is a lot of information-giving with not a lot of practice.

By Abhijoy B

Sep 6, 2022

The starting of the course is very good,But after week 3there are only just lots of reading no proper video to understanding the concept.