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JavaScript is the programming language that powers the modern web. In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of web development with JavaScript. You will work with functions, objects, arrays, variables, data types, the HTML DOM, and much more. You will learn how to use JavaScript and discover interactive possibilities with modern JavaScript technologies. Finally, you will learn about the practice of testing code and how to write a unit test using Jest....

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It's arguably one of the best Javascript courses you can find on the internet. It covers all the basics and provided a solid foundation which will help you to become a better JS Developer.


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amazing in depth course, feel like i have grasped the basics and will go away and practice what i have learnt. I like how there are videos, readings and tasks to complete to keep it varied.

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By Muhammad N

Dec 11, 2022

I recently had the pleasure of learning to program with JavaScript, and I'm very impressed with the results. The language itself is easy to learn and is incredibly versatile. The tutorials are well and provide a good foundation for anyone interested in learning the language. I was especially impressed with the helpful online resources available, which made it easy to find answers to any questions that I had. Overall, I'm very happy with my experience learning to program with JavaScript and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn a new language.

By Saqib B

Aug 10, 2023

Programming with JavaScript is really an amazing course to take, I personally recommend to individuals, who are getting start with JavaScript, because this course will build your basic concepts in JS, and after taking this course, you would be able to write a smooth program in JS. Taking this course as a beginner really worth it 👍

If you are getting yourself enrolled to this course then try to focus on readings and exercises portion for better understanding JavaScript code and to pass the assignments and quizzes smoothly.

By Tryn L

Aug 10, 2023

Week 1 and Week 2 is the very foundation level of JavaScript and you can grind it within 1 or 2 days, for my case 1. When you get to Week 3 thing escalate from 20 to 100 within a week. I have dealt with OOP before in different Programming language and its painful, especially when you don't have experience with OOP. Week 4 and 5 is a foundation to more advance JavaScript usage. I will rate the intensity of process below from scale 1-10. Week 1: 1/10

Week 2: 3/10

Week 3 11/10

Week 4: 8/10

Week 5: 7/10

By Onkar J

Jul 22, 2023

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“I recently completed a course on Coursera by Meta and I must say, it was a wonderful experience. The course material was well-structured and the concepts were explained in a clear and concise manner. The instructor did an excellent job of breaking down complex topics into easily understandable segments. Overall, I found the course to be very informative and engaging. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in this field.”


Oct 30, 2022

I was familiar with java programming before as we haad it in highschool . recently I also worked on projects involving javaascript but the very fact that there is always something you miss to learn even when you think you know it is proved to be very true by this course .A few fundamental concepts on objects and other bits and pieces neglected by me before was made crystal cleaaar to me as I learned about JS through this course. Kudos to team Metaaa for such an amazing learning experience.

By Md A M

May 2, 2023

I recently completed the "Programming with JavaScript" course by Meta as part of the Meta Front-End Developer program, and I highly recommend it. Meta's expertise and clear explanations helped me grasp JavaScript concepts effectively. The well-structured course, hands-on projects, and excellent support created a positive learning environment. The resources and continuous learning aspect added value to the course. Overall, it was an exceptional learning experience. Thank you, Meta!

By Suleman P

Apr 22, 2023

I find this course to be absolutely fascinating, and I feel an overwhelming sense of joy after completing it. The course has provided me with a thorough understanding of programming, including advanced concepts. I am immensely grateful to HEC for providing such a wonderful opportunity and to Coursera for offering excellent courses to individuals all around the world. I would also like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the brilliant staff at Meta for their outstanding work.

By Diego T

Aug 28, 2022

Muy pero muy buen curso, super explicativo, para mis amigos latinos que les cuesta el ingles le recomiendo este curso que es muy completo y conrespecto a los subtitulos que estan en ingles les recomiendo que lo descarguen y lo traduzcan en alguna pagina que translade los subtitulos en el formato srt, y despues mirar los videos con vlc e incrustar los subtitulos, porque de verdad este curso vale mucho la pena

By Jashawa P

Jul 19, 2023

I give this five stars because I feel that it's a great way to be introduced to JavaScript. This course will lead you along a path of understanding fundamentals and tools to make you more efficient in this awesome programming language. This module also provides links you can save in folders and visit to further your proficiency and knowledge of this robust language to be the best programer you can be!


May 30, 2024

My name is aomarDev, am writing this review so that anyone out there wants to start the development journey can finished the course only with the right mindset. Don't listen listen some reviews highlighting the course is not for beginner or assignment/labs are not working. The best time to start your Software development journey was last year. the second best time is now. greetings from Kenya!.

By M.Saleh E

Mar 12, 2024

I've been writing JS in one form or another since 2002, coming back to Web Development and getting this course as a refresher kind of surprised me how things have changed in the JS land. This course is designed so well and delivered in a practical way. I just wish some of those videos that only had voice-overs had a more serious voice and not an LA-blond kinda tone...

By Lynn M

Oct 3, 2022

Whirl wind tour of JavaScript! Presents a lot of concepts and really whet my appetite to learn it more in depth. I like the fact that they continually pointed to outside materials for further study. That is programming - even though you know something, there is always a lot more to learn and finding the appropriate resources is a good part of the process.

By Sean M

Jul 7, 2023

There are a few errors - I know in week 4 I answered questions correctly, but they were marked as wrong answers, even though they were the right answers. It was 2 questions. Other than that, the overall course was informative and I enjoyed it greatly. Coursera has many incredible programs here, I am going to stick around. What an incredible tool.

By Audeth C

Jan 14, 2023

This JavaScript course is very foundational and practical. It is a suitable course for beginners and also for those who wants to refresh their JavaScript knowledge. The videos are engaging with pop quiz . The programming assignments were very practical and challenging. Congratulation to the Meta Staff presenters. You all did a good job.

By Viktor K

Aug 19, 2022

This is a wonderful course, made with soul. This is a wonderful story in simple words about complex topics. Huge thanks to the amazing creators and Meta Corporation. I am a refugee from Ukraine studying to find a job and this course has been a huge support for me and my family during a difficult time after russia's dastardly attack on Ukraine.

By Al B

Sep 13, 2022

I think this is a great review and introduction to a lot of JavaScript topics. I was impressed by the in-browser tests that were set up, I think it provided an extra beneficial experience in allowing users to actually code. I did catch what I thought a typo or wrong answer in one of the quizzes, I still thought overall the course was great.

By Andrew E

Mar 11, 2023

This course was great for me. I have some programming experience from years ago but very limited experience with JavaScript. The course introduces important concepts at the right level so you can do a deeper dive on the concepts you need to. The challenges in the Labs are challenging enough and the quality of the content is excellent.

By Amuse Y

Sep 10, 2023

Coursera is the platform where I finally ended the JavaScript. I have started JavaScript too many times but could not find the interactive way of learning that Coursera provided. Thanks a lot for this course and one thing I have noticed that is video content are less and additional reading are a lot which is not good in my opinion.


Aug 7, 2023

This Meta certified Programming in Java course is absolutely an amazing course. I have been given knowledge and skills on a massive scale. It is really worthy enough for an enthusiastic candidate like me. It has really changed my perspective in a whole new level. I shall be remained grateful for both Meta and Coursera.

By Marina E

Aug 30, 2022

I have finished this course and I want to say "Thank you" for good experience to learn modern JavaScript. The coaches explain difficult conceptions with simple examples so programming becomes easier to understand. Course have interesning tasks to practice what you've learned. So I give my best scores for course authors!

By Sebastián P

Mar 31, 2023

Fue un curso muy entretenido. Se abordan conceptos desde lo más básico y fundamental hasta funcionalidades más específicas y avanzadas de JavaScript. Los módulos finales requieren de unos pequeños ajustes, pero en general es una oportunidad para aprender muchísimo y avanzar en este campo profesional!

By Orfeo F O

Feb 26, 2023

I learned many important things using the programming language of the web. The first part was a bit dense for me because it was very fundamental knowledge but covered in great detail; however, as I learned more about unit testing, DOM manipulation, and especially Node, I fell in love with the course.

By Chris M

Jun 24, 2023

I love the learning format: 1) video, 2) reading article, and 3) practice tests. It is a great value to have the text version of what the speaking is saying. I found it beneficial to read this text and take notes. My JavaScript knowledge increased after taking this course. Thank you Meta!

By Rustamjon K

Jan 28, 2024

Overall, this course exceeded my expectations. I feel much more confident in my Javascript abilities now, and I'm already using my new skills to build personal projects. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Javascript in a comprehensive and engaging way.

By Suite C

Mar 18, 2024

The course included all the basic must know. This is a friendly course for a new comer who want to start learning JavaScript, easy instruction, step by step assignment, recap section and so on. Recommended to others and wish meta can maintain the quality for the future courses.