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JavaScript is the programming language that powers the modern web. In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of web development with JavaScript. You will work with functions, objects, arrays, variables, data types, the HTML DOM, and much more. You will learn how to use JavaScript and discover interactive possibilities with modern JavaScript technologies. Finally, you will learn about the practice of testing code and how to write a unit test using Jest....

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Overall this course touched a lot of great concepts. I feel that there could be more assignments along the way to really drive the point home. Also this course needs to be updated to es6.


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It's arguably one of the best Javascript courses you can find on the internet. It covers all the basics and provided a solid foundation which will help you to become a better JS Developer.

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By Carmen R ( R

Nov 6, 2022

Hay cosas que no explican y simplemente aparecen en el código que te proporcionan. También hay varios fallos que he ido reportando.

By Chanel W

Jan 24, 2023

Some things were implemented in the exercises but they weren't taught in video lessons so it was hard to grasp certain concepts.

By Russell E

Dec 26, 2022

It's not great but not bad. It gives just enough to build confidence so that you can read documentation and other peoples code.

By Igbokwe C

Nov 27, 2023

the labs have issues and the course feels rushed , i have to go through it one more time

By Taaha H K

Mar 8, 2023

It is good but there is very less practical work plus the videos are too short.

By Wasif H

Oct 17, 2022

I would've found it more interesting if there were more hands-on coding.

By Kingsley U

Nov 8, 2022

Great course but there wasnt enough practical, it was too theoretical .

By Supakorn H

Jul 18, 2022

Everything is so great but the grade score system is very poor.

By 2011CS030018 - B R

Nov 29, 2022

compared to previous module it is not clearly understable

By Krenar K

Mar 5, 2023

Week 3 was to much material in a short time to learn.

By Olivia N S

Sep 27, 2023

Bugs in the code assignments. Some quite serious.

By Mohamed A

Mar 2, 2023

so messy to me and not beginner friendy I'm sorry

By Kailey D

Sep 27, 2022

Vague programming assignment instructions

By Joshua D

Nov 2, 2022

You did not add a javascript promise

By Nay T T

Mar 10, 2023

i dont fit in the cours go too fast

By Nitesh K U

Aug 8, 2022

Need more advance topics

By Sergio H

Jan 31, 2023

Need more exercises

By Wagner G

Dec 1, 2022

Os cursos do Coursera em geral possuem mais textos que vídeo, e este não foi diferente. Muitas legendas sem sincronia com o áudio, algumas legendas diferentes do áudio, atividades fora de ordem (te pergunta como foi o laboratório prático antes de você o faze-lo de fato). Por mais de uma vez aconteceu de eu marcar uma determinada resposta no teste true or false. Ao corrigir, diz que está errado. Eu marco a opção seguinte, diz que está errado novamente, aí volto pra opção anterior, aí diz que está correto (???). A maior parte das atividades práticas são avaliadas de forma automática com pouco ou nenhum feedback. Pode estar tudo certo, se tiver um espaço fora do lugar o resultado será errado e você que se vire pra achar a diferença. Cada problema que encontrei registrei no link "Relatar problema" em cada aula. Contudo, são cursos com milhares de alunos já matriculados. Isso significa que muitos outros já devem ter feito o mesmo mas provavelmente não há ninguém acompanhando, só vendendo curso.

By Ashley R

Apr 9, 2023

There are a lot of issues I've been experiencing with these courses. I don't think the actual "teaching" is done well. They will mention something once and not mention that its something to note for later or that its important to know until you are taking a quiz or test about something you don't even remember them mentioning. The fact that there isn't a human that is grading your work and the course not doing a good job at all telling you what exactly you messed up. Its either 100% or 0%. They expect you to get your answers from other classmastes in disccusion forum. Which isnt very helpful when you need answers right away. Ive also had a few instances where answers weren't right. Or at least the way the questions are phrased don't make it very clear on what answer they want you to pick. I hope they plan on updating this because I dont think its a great course as it is right now.

By Mazen A

Oct 11, 2022

In the beginning i would love to say thank you to every one worked on this course and giving time to teach us ,

Sorry for my bad review but this course really has some serious things to talk about

1/ the technical talk in videos is very less and taking about the topics at very very very high level it should be richer and more information the videos should be more than 4 ,5 mins only !

2/ this course is depending too much over the reading not the videos it should has more videos than this

3/ the course gives me only 30 or 40 % of the info about topic and i have to go search and read more and more to get the knowledge i need , i know this is normal but the course should helped more regarding this

sorry for talking to much ,, just wanted to share my experience and again thanks for the effort !

By Vygovskaya S

Mar 23, 2023

I was happy when I started doing this course and I had hopes to find a job after finishing the whole course. Now I understand that it is impossible. This course is more like a short information about what is JS. I did 2 weeks and I came to conclusion that I know nothing. I was frustrated. Then I found and other sites where you can do the exercises for free and began to spend there for 1-2 hours a day. It also did not help much so I added a book for beginners and . Now I think that it is impossible to learn and remember if you do not have a job where you code every day using JS. So let's tell people the truth, that this course it is just like an introduction to JS and you will not know JS after doing it.

By Matthew C

Jan 28, 2023

This training was very aggravating. It dives deep into concepts that are far more advanced than the content necessary for passing the tests, while not nearly enough comprehensive practice for feeling confident passing the tests. There are typos. Some of the automated tests for grading don't seem to work correctly. Content refers to ideas that are previously undiscussed. I really expect more from Meta.

By OBlog B

Apr 3, 2023

The course in my opinin is a mess. The information is up to date as of now, but the structure and logical connection is severed between the topics. Also the video parts are funny, how after 4 minutes they state, "Now you have learned XY... and can do anything". I think the structure needs to change and more assignments are required to get a better understanding about the topic.

By Anna B

Feb 9, 2023

Not enough hands-on coding experience. Then most of the exercises and assignments had frustrating bugs in the grading tests to turn completing them into a game of wack-a-mole with "which *exact* syntax do they want" instead of "program code that works." I "failed" multiple times because I used string concatenation instead of string literals even though my code worked.

By Kresna A

Mar 15, 2023

videos subtitle : bad (unsynchronized)

material : shallow, too much going on with short explanation.

lab : objective are actually easy, but add some spaces in random area and you're doomed.

if you're a complete beginner, do not take this courses.