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Why earn a degree in Data Analytics?

Receiving a data analytics degree can open a path to a career in many fields. If you are looking to advance or change your career with a Master’s degree, you can find affordable data analytics degrees from top universities offered on Coursera.

What is a data analyst?

A data analyst is a person whose job is to gather and interpret data in order to solve a specific problem. The role includes plenty of time spent with data, but entails communicating findings too. A data analyst collects, cleans, and interprets data sets in order to answer a question or solve a problem. They can work in many industries, including business, finance, criminal justice, science, medicine, and government.

Here’s what many data analysts do on a day-to-day basis:

  • Work with data: Data analysts will spend the bulk of their time, perhaps unsurprisingly, with data. This can mean several different things.
  • Gather data: Analysts often collect data themselves. This could include conducting surveys, tracking visitor characteristics on a company website, or buying datasets from data collection specialists.
  • Clean data: Raw data might contain duplicates, errors, or outliers. Cleaning the data means maintaining the quality of data in a spreadsheet or through a programming language so that your interpretations won’t be wrong or skewed.
  • Model data: This entails creating and designing the structures of a database. You might choose what types of data to store and collect, establish how data categories are related to each other, and work through how the data actually appears.
  • Interpret data: Interpreting data will involve finding patterns or trends in data that will help you answer the question at hand.
  • Present: Communicating the results of your findings will be a key part of your job. You do this by putting together visualizations like charts and graphs, writing reports, and presenting information to interested parties.

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You will be involved in give-and-take discussions with faculty, not just listen to us. You will work on real-world accounting problems, not just take notes.Gary Hecht, Academic Director, University of Illinois iMSA
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Oktay Urcan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Oktay Urcan is an Associate Professor of Accounting at the University of Illinois. He holds a Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Before joining the University of Illinois in 2014, he was an Assistant Professor of Accounting at the London Business School in the United Kingdom. His research interests are in the growing interdisciplinary area of macro-accounting, which studies the interaction between macro-economy and accounting.

Professor Urcan teaches financial accounting foundations and advanced topics as part of the iMSA program.

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