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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Introductory Human Physiology by Duke University

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In this course, students learn to recognize and to apply the basic concepts that govern integrated body function (as an intact organism) in the body's nine organ systems....

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Jun 1, 2016

I'm a high school student interested in human physiology.\n\nThis course is AMAZING! Though sometimes I felt overwhelmed and couldn't remember everything, I think it was worth every effort and energy.

Jan 3, 2021

Best course I've ever taken! Detailed and thorough explanations of the systems of the body. Fascinating, enlightening, and enjoyable. Highly recommend for anyone interested in how the body functions.

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By Mariana V

Oct 3, 2019

The way of explaining from the teachers is AMAZING, I wish I was taught like this in college. The tie invested in this course is totally worthed. if you are a student or even if you're working it helps to refresh concepts and to explain them as simple as they can be. I just can't address enough how good it is. Would take another of their courses without thinking.

By Ting Z

Aug 8, 2015

Wonderful course. The lectures connected many key conceptions together, and made a good story. It is a very good introduction to physiology. But is you want to know more, you need to investigate the text book. Also, I really thing physiology is still a living discipline, and more new things is adding on it. All in all, I like this course, but I need to know more.


Feb 12, 2021

I just notice that some times talk to us like are an experts as well,and some,initials in

promtu with out previous notice of the meaning,The questions very nice system,if you

dont use your brain you cant ansuer the question,even with the book in your hand.

I am not sure if I will ha a wereable diploma and if yes waht I have to do to getit.

Tanks for the oportunity.

By anushka n

Jun 17, 2020

This course is excellent for any biology enthusiasts and future doctors. It explains human physiology in an organized, detailed yet easy manner, which maintains the interest of the student throughout the course. I personally enjoyed the course very much as it linked the physiological process to real-life situations which I found very helpful and interesting.

By Pallavi C

Mar 24, 2021

An excellent physiology course...the instructors are pretty amazing with the lectures and the lecture notes. It is a dense course and required significant work to complete the course. I have no background in biology and took the course out of interest and to see what I could retain (and understand). It was well worth the time. So Thank you!

By Arundeep S

Sep 7, 2020

A very helpful course for a non-medical individual. It would have been nice, if there were examples taken throughout the course like it was in the last lecture to analyse situation. I believe that will help people to retain the information for longer, as the course had a lot to teach. Many thanks for the course and both the professors.

By Shahreen I R

Aug 3, 2020

It was an wonderful experience for me.I am a 4th year student of med school. Physiology was my 1st year topic and there are few things i was completely forgotten. So this course was bit of a review journey for me but i found many topics clearer and easier than i understood before. And all the quizzes are so well standard. Thanks!

By Maxwell R H

Nov 11, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. As someone with a background in engineering and computer science, it was fascinating to learn about how our bodies work. Thank you for offering this course on Coursera. I truly appreciate the quality of the lectures and materials presented by Emma Jakoi and Jennifer Carbrey from Duke University.

By Mary B

Sep 12, 2020

This was a challenging course but very informative, I learned some new things and other information was reiterated. All in all I would recommend anyone that is a Biology or Nursing major to take this course and I encourage all Biology and Nursing instructors to take this course. I loved it, wish you had one for Human Anatomy.

By Rachel H

Mar 13, 2021

Excellent course with clear presentation of the material with informative slides and images presented by very knowledgeable teachers. Course is taught in a way that is easy to understand, especially if you already have basic understanding of chemistry and the human body systems. I learned so much in this comprehensive course.

By Sophia E

May 23, 2020

I throughly enjoyed this course. The videos and professors were so informative and easy to follow. The practice problem sets and mini quizzes at the end of the videos helped to test my knowledge on the subject and prepare myself for the exams. I put a lot of time and energy into this course and got a lot out of it. Thank you.

By Charlene W K

Dec 27, 2020

This course was an exceptional experience! I was in the course of studying Human Physiology in the first semester of my final year in High School, and this course provided me with extra materials to supplement my knowledge in the classroom. I am truly grateful for the resources and learning I have attained from this course

By Clarice

Dec 15, 2015

Professoras explicam muito bem, sempre estão retomando os tópicos mais importantes, em todos os vídeos quase tem uns minutinhos para relembrar o que foi visto na aula anterior. As legendas funcionam certinho, só alguns vídeos que ela é atrasada, mas no geral todas funcionam.

Curso muito bom, ajuda muito na vida acadêmica.

By Chunda K

Dec 19, 2019

The syllabus and content are so applicable to real life situations just the way science is supposed to be. I have done human physiology course at one point in my second and third year of study in a school of medicine, and this has really helped me understand and grasp the concepts at this later stage. Thank you.

By Indira R

Aug 18, 2015

I would like to rate this fabulous course as excellent under Dr. Emma Jakoi and Dr. Jennifer Carbrey, brilliant instructersThank you very much for all the kind explanation given for my questions, and good video quizzes, enjoyable problem sets and mind provoking exams.

Regards and lots of thanks.

Indira Raghunathan

By Marc U

Jun 6, 2020

Very interesting course that helps you understand the basic principles and mechanisms of the body. I was very new to this topic, but even I managed to understand it. The instructors explain things very clearly and the reading material helps you in the areas that are more difficult. I can really recommend it.

By Susan G

Jan 30, 2021

This course is very good. Both instructors are great. A lot of information is given. About week 4 I discovered that I could print out the overheads and take notes from there. This really helped my learning and test taking. After each section I read the text to clarify/solidify my learning. This also helped.

By Rae D

Feb 4, 2021

This course help me tremendously to understand the basics of physiology despite the fact that I didn't have any prior knowledge of the subject. I do recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the mechanism of our body better! (Now I'm finally understanding why I shouldn't eat too many potato chips XD)

By Bhanu B

May 31, 2020

Very beautifully created course. The structure of this course made it easy to learn being efficient at the same time. Loved the way, how the mentors connect every situation practically to daily life situations.A very helpful course for those as well who wants to study exercise physiology in near future.

By Jen M

Aug 19, 2020

I was looking for a comprehensive physiology to hone my skills as a doctor and this course definitely challenged me. It was nice to be reminded of the details of physiology that I had forgotten over the years. Thank you and I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to gain knowledge in physiology.

By Muhammad Z M

Aug 15, 2015

i learn here how to learn....really fabulous ,method of teaching ...i like both teachers and their way of speaking...i like course contents i.e. they are really arranged in professional manner....thank you DUKE university and its teachers for giving me such a important platform for learning.........

By 张智澎

Oct 2, 2018

I used two months to finish the course. I really appreciate Dr. Carbrey and Dr. Jakoi, who piqued my interest in human physiology. The materials are logical, though a little challenging for a freshman. I hope more courses will be provided by Duke University soon, and I cannot wait to learn more.

By Laddie M

Sep 24, 2020

Extremely thorough and very well organized. The additional resources and transcript for each video is an immense help. I would highly recommend going through this course before taking one at any college you plan on attending. You'll have a huge head start and a deeper insight for the material.

By Bohdan M

Mar 23, 2020

Thanks a lot to Emma Jakoi and Jennifer Carbrey. It was brilliant course, еspecially lections about respiratory, cardiovascular and endocrine systems. That helped me to understand such processes as action potential, membrane potential,differences between pressures within thoracic cavity etc.

By Ho J W B

Dec 10, 2016

The instructors were very helpful! Emma is a great educator who responds almost instantly to your questions in the forum, making learning so much accessible! Definitely a great course even for someone who does not have any biology to pick it up! Don't be hesitant to learning! Go for it!