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About the Course

This course takes a deep dive into paid advertising on social media. Learn how to start advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram by developing effective ads. Learn how to work with design teams by capturing the essence of your ad campaign in a creative brief, and understand how privacy policies may affect your ads. Complete the course with a project where you will produce a creative brief with assets you would deliver to a design team for your ad campaign. You’ll also create your first social media ad. By the end of this course you will be able to: • Determine why and when to invest in paid advertising on social media • Understand the anatomy of a social media ad and how they differ from organic posts • Evaluate on which platforms to run social media ad campaigns and what makes an ad effective • Craft compelling and effective visuals and copy for social media ads • Learn how to collaborate effectively with others through creative briefs • Build foundational understanding for data, data-based advertising and privacy protection • Build an ad directly from your Facebook Business Page and your Instagram Business Account • Use Instagram Stories Ads effectively to connect with customers • Write a creative brief and create a social media ad This course is intended for people who want to learn how to create and manage ads on social media. Learners don't need marketing experience, but they have basic internet navigation skills and are eager to participate and connect in social media. Having a Facebook or Instagram account helps and ideally learners have already completed course 1 (Introduction to Social Media Marketing) and 2 (Social Media Management) in this program....

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Nov 11, 2020

Beautiful Course all deep concepts clearly explain wow its amazing teaching skill. A very friendly teaching style motivates me to learn more thank you very much, Dear professor, Daniel Kob.

Feb 3, 2021

This course is very useful for creating a creative of brief Social Media Ads and create a template for my business. I like too much advertising for target audiences and reduce the budget.

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By John O I

Oct 16, 2020

The quality of the specialization on coursera exceeds my expectations. Each of these have been very interesting and motivational. I'm sure to break into a new world of work with this.

By Osmara ( O L

Jan 3, 2021

The course was broken up into bit-size pieces and formatted to appeal to different learning styles. It also allowed you to retake a quiz and suggested what you needed to review in order to learn what you did not get right. What is most impressive about this is how its challenges traditional for -credit college learning. One learns without the worry of competing for a letter or numerical grade. You need to have passed a percent of the required work and yo passed the course. The stress of that grade disappears and you are left with a desire to truly learn- to know. Worthwhile course to take, not just to enhance or change careers, but if you re a small business owner who wants to learn the basics of social media!

By Khalid C

Oct 22, 2020

Very well planned and delivered. Provides knowledge you can put to work immediately. Not just for first timers and beginners, a great refresher for those looking for more structured knowledge and a more expansive view of the social media landscape.

By Ramona R

Feb 28, 2021

A lot of information but important and well organized. Find the Coursera website poorly organized. The Forums and Discussions are ridiculous as many posts and requests are month's old.

By Jasper

Oct 31, 2020

This module has a lot of technical information but it enlightens me on FB & IG ad, creative brief as well as the data collection, protection and policies. Fabulous! Love it!


Oct 22, 2020

It was alright, not as substantial as its previous courses. I think half of the things discussed here have already been discussed in the previous Social Media Management course, so it's not very interesting. There's also less outputs needed to submit.

By Lim F Y

Jan 1, 2021

About half of the syllabus are already covered in social media management and

Introduction to Social Media Marketing from FACEBOOK. The classes are a bit boring, the lecturer's voice sometimes trails off and I had hard time focusing.

By Carina M d P

Dec 6, 2020

Overall, I like this course so much - very helpful and useful for beginners like me or maybe for those who are thinking of being an online entrepreneur someday. Will save on hiring a marketing guy as you can do it yourself. :) The modules are quite exhaustive and the lessons were well-organized to give you the basics of social media marketing. The quizzes at the end were just the right recap of whatever you've learned. Of course, the Creative Brief Project with the Social Media Ad is where everything you know is applied and put together. The instructor is very knowledgeable, teaches very well, so warm, and gives a lot of examples. He is really a "Subject-Matter-Expert" in this field. He has complete mastery of a good balance of theories with applications. Thanks so much, Daniel! Thank you, Coursera and Facebook!

By Mirza R B

Feb 5, 2021

I loved how they addressed a bit complicated issues such as the General Data Protection Regulation. I certainly learned about the objectives are totally related to facebook campaigns.

By Christina D

Jan 12, 2021

I liked the course. I would like to point out that the explanation of advertisers and publishers was very good! I think when we review the assignments the note range should be wider.

By Alfi P

Apr 18, 2021

I learned the fundamentals of social media advertising, with a good understanding of basic advertising, real-world cases, and assignments that help me craft a good creative brief.

By Heather B

Jan 17, 2021

This particular course felt a bit rushed and had some glitches like quizzes that were not added and an optional assignment in the middle that we were unable to submit. Aside from learning to create a creative brief, it was mostly a review of the past two courses with a different instructor.

By andrea s

Nov 20, 2020

I had trouble opening things for my project, and the link supplied gave me the smallest icons I have ever seen. I could not read it so did my assignment the best way I could. Please look into this, as it affected my grade and I am upset about that.

By Carolina J

Nov 20, 2020

I like the course, was very well explined, with good examples and the final assigment gives the oportunity to use all tehe elements we learned along the course. The couse content was very intersting and Daniel is a very good instructor. This course is an excellent complement with the other courses 1 and 2 that I made before.

Me gusta el curso, estuvo muy bien explicado, con buenos ejemplos y la tarea final da la oportunidad de utilizar todos los elementos que aprendimos a lo largo del curso. El contenido del curso fue muy interesante y Daniel es un muy buen instructor. Este curso es un excelente complemento con los otros cursos 1 y 2 que hice antes.

By Mishka B

May 10, 2021

Great course with quality content. I found that I was constantly challenged and was never bored with the materials offered during the duration of this course. The final project was also a lot of fun to complete and really enjoyed testing out my newfound skills. Feeling a lot more confident as I do use social media for work and for personal purposes as I am in the process of creating my own personal blog that will go up later this year. Looking forward to finishing up this certificate program - three courses down, three to go.

By Anuraj D

Mar 17, 2021

Best Course Ever with full of practical Knowledge. I love this course really because this course gives me a clear understanding of Social Media Marketing and now I'm very confident to pursue my career as a social media marketer and I would like to thanks the Instructors and the Coursera team who puts all possible efforts to share this course with us. Thank you so much!!

By Abdulkarim A

Jan 26, 2021

Useful course, valuable and very good. A person knows the basic structure of advertising on social media. It is a long course (5 weeks), but it is great value. I liked the exams very much, some are difficult and long, but from this difficulty you get the benefit. Thank you

By Eunice M F

Dec 27, 2020

I really learned a lot from this course and hopeful to finish the whole course of

Facebook Social Media Marketing. As a person with disability, this will open new career opportunities for me to look at in the near future.

By Candice T

Jan 20, 2021

Very informative course. I enjoyed the videos and practical examples throughout the course. Lectures were presented in an enthusiastic way. Lots of practical advice and tips given. Real life examples provided as well.

By Carlos A O A

Jan 6, 2021

Es un curso excepcional la verdad que todos los que he cursado que son parte del programa de certificación tienen una gran calidad, los instructores, los ejercicios y las pruebas cumplen muy bien para el aprendizaje.

By Dinara S

Jan 4, 2021

Great instructor! Daniel Kob made all of the content easy to grasp and exciting. I highly recommend this course for beginners and people who want to catch up with the recent advances in the social media landscape.

By Taquan W

Mar 15, 2021

Very informative and helped me understand how I should navigate and understand advertising on the social media platforms as well as understanding the laws and guidelines we need to adhere and follow by.

By Bruno E P A

Feb 2, 2021

I really enjoyed learning about the creative brief, cookies, and how to correctly advertise on both instagram and facebook, I think this course is the complete basics of social media advertising.

By Ofelia R

Jan 30, 2021

This course is really excellent. The teachers are very professional and very experienced to guide us in the wonderful knowledge of social media marketing. Thanks Coursera you have no comparison.

By Baduruliyage K A

Nov 12, 2020

Beautiful Course all deep concepts clearly explain wow its amazing teaching skill. A very friendly teaching style motivates me to learn more thank you very much, Dear professor, Daniel Kob.