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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Start the UX Design Process: Empathize, Define, and Ideate by Google

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About the Course

Start the UX design process: Empathize, Define, Ideate is the second course in a certificate program that will equip you with the skills needed to apply to entry-level jobs in user experience (UX) design. In this course, you’ll complete the first phases of the design process for a project that you’ll be able to include in your portfolio. You will learn how to empathize with users and understand their pain points, define user needs using problem statements, and come up with lots of ideas for solutions to those user problems. Current UX designers and researchers at Google will serve as your instructors, and you will complete hands-on activities that simulate real-world UX design scenarios. Learners who complete the seven courses in this certificate program should be equipped to apply for entry-level jobs as UX designers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Empathize with users to understand their needs and pain points. - Create empathy maps, personas, user stories, and user journey maps to understand user needs. - Develop problem statements to define user needs. - Generate ideas for possible solutions to user problems. - Conduct competitive audits. - Start designing a mobile app, a new project to include in your professional UX portfolio....

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Sep 29, 2021

This course is very good & massively designed for student's who are biginner in UX field. The lecturers are also self proffessional experienced UX designer. Is not is great for carrier!!! Pretty cool!


Aug 5, 2021

My instructor was engaging and communicated very well. The transcription was super handy and I loved that the reading after the lecture re-emphasized the content of the lecture. Excellent. Thank you.

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By Jamie E

Oct 28, 2021

This course was really good! It provided a solid foundation for the beginning of the Design Thinking Framework. The instructor and guest speakers were all personable and knowledgable. My only request is that there would be additional coverage on how to form a problem statement and more detail regarding the "Define" stage. Overall, definitely worth taking to understand the framework.

By D S

Dec 28, 2021

Great course! Valuable information and practice in regards to Competitive Audit, but definitely takes more time than alotted and might be best suited for team work or broken down into smaller parts. Having to search for relevant websites also took some time. And honestly not sure how to answer some questions like, how do the competitors rate themselves (very subjective).

By jide m

Jul 6, 2021

The end of some sections usually don't lead to what was promised in the last few seconds of the video. For example, "and that is the end of empathy mapping. Next, we will see how you can use these maps to create personas." The next video or section doesn't even lead to personas. It isn't annoying at first, but it happening frequently is the problem.

By Anand K

Oct 18, 2021

This course is little challenging for beginner/ introvert like myself. Conducting interviews, creating persona, writing user story, creating problem statement all these were new to me. But once I've finished this course, a feeling of accomplishment was felt. Great learning curve personally! Thank you Google for creating this course.

By Shamimeh N

Apr 11, 2021

I learned a lot of things from this course and veing able to carry out all that was asked for makes me feel proud. just one little thing, if i could download the reading materials that are not web articles that would have helped a great deal because i enjoy reviewing from time to time and making sure i remember the essentials.

By Gemma G

May 10, 2021

Course 2 was a long course. The final project became a little confusing and I felt tied to the assigned project, but I did my best. Later I realized I used a presentation template instead of a report template and did way more work than I had to do. But so far so good. This is great information, presented in small chunks.

By Minaketan O

Apr 13, 2021

Great continuation to the course, some of the topics can be hard at first but as soon as you get used to it with practice, it gets easier. The only problem was that a lot of the materials were reading, so it was a lot of articles linked which was fine but would have loved more videos or longer video lengths.

By Craig S

Aug 21, 2021

Good for starters! I recommend reading all of the optional material; there's a lot to be learned from other resources, while taking these courses. I didn't benefit much from the Coffee House portion of this course; I focused mostly on my own project. Didn't seem necessary to split my focus between the two.

By victoria c

Aug 1, 2022

I​ found this second one to be harder. I enjoyed this one more though because of the hands on projects. I think the peer review is a great things but I think some people may not be honest with their peer reviewing and are just being lazy which can effect your grade. Happy for resubmissions though.

By Ligia H F E

May 4, 2021

This second course helped me understand design ideation, learning how to conduct competitive audits, brainstorming approaches (like How Might We and Crazy Eights), and determining if additional research is needed. It has been great, but maybe the part of 'sketching' wasn't really necessary.

By Ryan M

May 18, 2022

This course was good but I struggled with the competitive audit portion. The spreadsheet was hard to manipulate (example: adding images with/or additional lines of text). Maybe link to a mini-tutorial in that section to help users unfamiliar with spreadsheets.

By Amie T

Dec 9, 2021

I liked the course and it was pretty heavy material, but the peer reviews for the most projects are lacking. No one seems to really be grading it at all, especially the last project since it was so heavy. It's disappointing that these aren't reviewed better.

By Christine H

Jul 27, 2021

I would have given this five stars because it was very informative, but a couple of times the assignments were out of order compared to the presenter's explicit instruction, and a couple of times, I wasn't able to save notes during a video.

Thank you so much!

By Lorenzo M L

Aug 10, 2022

It was very overwhelming, maybe it was too long or maybe I was taking things for granted and already done because of my course of study. I would have preferred to have had a unit, though, on finding the secondary data but to understand where to find it.

By Ece S

Aug 16, 2021

1- At one part the quiz asked something we were going to learn about in the next video. 2- We were assuming that CoffeeHouse didn't have an app, but then in the problem statement it said "CoffeeHouse is underutilizing their app" so I was a bit confused.

By Baibhav S

Apr 19, 2021

This is when things start picking up and it's great. The only thing I want to say is that Week 2-3 requires written feedback where Week 5 doesn't. Week 5 is arguably the most important one of out of all of these, that one should have written feedback

By Mizanur R

Jan 21, 2022

The course is more theoretical than I expected. I had to sketch, brainstorm, think which is very complex for me. Took longer than I expected. But it has many lesson that can not only be used on design process but also in real life. Thanks Google.

By Idaly R

Jan 20, 2022

All the information is very useful for the investigation processes. Some terms are difficult to understand since it seems to be the same but with different words. But I think we offer enough material to delve into the issues we don't understand.

By Matthew S

Jul 16, 2022

We dont get a chance to resubmit our peer-reviewed assignments especially when we get graded low for our uploads. Sometimes not everything is included and some gets cut off from the upload.

Overall a great course, and fun to participate in.

By Alfredo C

Nov 15, 2021

The course is about empathizing with the user but it is only available in one language: English. A student who does not have advanced knowledge of English could not take the course. I think the course should be available in more languages.

By Gunjan B

Sep 22, 2021

I really like the content of the course....but the lack of feedback is making it difficult to understand where I stand, which I believe is very important when you are switching careers and moving to a completely new field.

By Mukilan D S

Jul 24, 2022

Really liked the course and learnt a good amount of things about foundation UX research. Some parts of the course were a bit too theory heavy. Some aspects of the course could have been an interactive activity or such.

By Sakshi K

Dec 21, 2021

excellent platform for those who are starting to get into the field of UX. Nentors really make it fun learning. really loved to be the part of this course and wish to continue further and explore more in this field.

By Luca C

Dec 15, 2021

Really good and well documented, the mentors are very friendly! I would like to see more exemplars and to have more tips about how to think out of the box to define creative solutions.

Now it's time for course #3 !

By Amit J

Sep 22, 2021

It was a very good experience to complete this course. Defiantly, I would suggest to my friends and team mates to do this course. Thank you so much for making me more confident as a UX Designer!


Amit Johri