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What you'll learn

  • Define what a business model is and why it enables you to approach innovation and strategy from a completely different angle

  • Understand the 3 components of the business model and how they are linked

  • Stimulate your creativity by capitalizing on the 14 directions toolbox

  • Analyze existing business models, create new ones or adapt existing ones using the Odyssey 3.14 approach

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There are 5 modules in this course

Welcome to the business model innovation journey! The aim of this introductory module is to familiarize you with innovation and business models and how they relate to the strategy of your company. We will focus on different business models and business model frameworks. This module will also give you an overview of the course and of your assignments.

What's included

5 videos5 readings4 quizzes1 discussion prompt

In this module, we will dive deeper into the Odyssey 3.14 approach and framework, by exploring in detail the 3 components of the business model. 1) The value proposition, which defines your offer and how it is perceived by customers 2) The value architecture, which defines the way your company is organized to deliver your offer 3) The profit equation, which enables you to measure the efficiency of your business model and the relation between the value proposition and value architecture. Thinking deeply about these 3 components and seeing them through new lenses will help you find innovative solutions to create a more effective business model.

What's included

10 videos4 readings4 quizzes1 peer review1 discussion prompt

This module explores the 7 directions on the value proposition side of the business model. These are the first 7 directions in the Odyssey 3.14 framework. They include: 1) Modifying the revenue stream, that is, how charging a customer can radically change the value proposition, 2) Looking at non-customers, since this group offers many growth opportunities 3) Introducing a third party, which explains the power of platform business models. Each direction will be illustrated by real life examples.

What's included

8 videos2 readings3 quizzes1 discussion prompt

This module explores the 7 directions on the value architecture side of the business model. These are the last 7 directions in the Odyssey 3.14 framework. They include: 1) Eliminating or adding a step in the value chain, that can for example lead to a circular economy, 2) Finding new resources in the crowd, which explains how to leverage the billion individuals connected to the internet, 3) Leveraging resources and competencies, which demonstrates how an alternative way of looking at existing resources and competencies can radically modify the business model. Each direction will be illustrated by real life examples.

What's included

8 videos3 readings3 quizzes1 discussion prompt

During this module, you will have to imagine a new, innovative business model by applying the Odyssey 3.14 framework. Creativity is key, both in coming up with the new business model and in your presentation to your peer participants!

What's included

3 videos2 readings1 quiz1 peer review1 discussion prompt


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