Dr. Beth Simon is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Education Studies. Her research interests lie in the areas of computing education and online and technology-enhanced teaching. Beth is currently involved in development of high school computing curriculum and the training and community needs of K-12 teachers wanting to bring computing education opportunities to their students. Previously, Beth has studied the impacts of evidence-based active learning practices (e.g., Peer Instruction) on student outcomes in higher education, student conceptions of computing concepts, and novice computing students’ self-efficacy. Beth is currently the Faculty Advisor for the Center for Digital Learning in the UCSD Teaching and Learning Commons where she supports faculty and instructional staff in the use of technology to support their educational efforts both on-campus and through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).


Teaching Impacts of Technology: Fundamentals

Teaching Impacts of Technology: Workplace of the Future

Teaching Impacts of Technology: Relationships

Capstone Project: Teaching Impacts of Technology

Teaching Impacts of Technology: Data Collection, Use, and Privacy

Teaching Impacts of Technology: Global Society