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Approximately 377,500 jobs will be created in computer and information technology annually from 2022-2032*. Whether you want to increase your salary or pursue a specialization, discover the resources you need to advance your back-end development career.

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Ready to take the next step in your back-end development career? Roles in computer and information technology earn more than twice the average salary for all occupations, so you have plenty of high-paying career paths to choose from*. As a mid-level or advanced back-end developer, you may begin to apply for leadership positions such as a lead software engineer, director of engineering, or senior product manager. You could also focus on an industry niche such as blockchain development or obtain the front-end development skill set to become a well-rounded full-stack developer. Learn more about how to prepare for more advanced development roles and how Coursera can help:

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*US Bureau of Labor Statistics. “Occupational Outlook Handbook: Computer and Information Technology Occupations,” Accessed February 6, 2024.